Late Night Girl Time Makes Divorce Bearable

Editor's Note: Almost every woman has that one friend she can call, no matter what she is going through, who will be there to give her exactly the kind of love and support she needs. I've been there, especially after my own divorce. This piece shows us that sometimes, all we need is to call a friend in the late hour to come over, have fun, and take our minds off of the hard times. -Feminista Jones Image: Racorn via Shutterstock ...more
excellent post. We need our girlfriends at the best of times, but during divorce? YES...cheersmore

Want To Strengthen Your Marriage? Try These 10 Tips!

Editor's Note: I was advised when very young to heed the lessons imparted upon me by my elders or those who have lived certain aspects of life before me. In this piece, one mother reflects on her own marriage as her daughter prepares to embark upon married life herself. There's great wisdom here! Enjoy and learn :) - Feminista Jones ...more
Walking the Camino de Santiago is an amazing journey.more

Sex After Baby: Do You Set a Minimum Amount?

Let's talk about sex after babies -- because it's an important topic for moms and couples. Getting on the same wavelength regarding expectations and energy can be difficult. I think the approach that Mother of Ambition took is interesting. Do you have a minimum number of times a week? ...more
After 5 kids (with one still in bed with us), it is tough to get to but we know it is important. ...more

Treating Lack of Orgasm in Women

A healthy sex life is an important part of a healthy life. Unsurprisingly, many companies are now working on ways to address the issue of anorgasmia, or the sexual dysfunction that prevents the achievement of orgasm. There has recently been a lot of buzz with a new low-dose testosterone gel meant to help women get their Os on. ...more

Why Does My Daughter Know the Term Booty Call?

There are things you don't expect to have to explain to your children until they are older. Sometimes we're forced to answer questions earlier than we plan because things happen in our lives or our children are introduced to concepts beyond their years by their own peers. Angela at Slaughterhouse Rules recently had to tackle one that I hope to avoid for quite some time -- and you might be surprised where she learned the term. ...more
@Merrilee, we call that "butt dialing" in my house. But I could make this work. Thanks!more

Catholic Colleges Vow to Prevent Women from Getting Birth Control

[Editor's note: What if you were in college and couldn't get birth control? Sounds implausible, crazy even, doesn't it? I hate to tell you this, but as Jill Filipovic at Feministe reveals, Catholic schools are rebelling against the new health care law requiring them to cover birth control with an outrageous new tactic--by refusing to prescribe it. --Mona] She writes: ...more
I am catholic and I believe this is without a doubt WRONG! more