Can You Be BFFs with the Opposite Sex?

As the guy on the TV screen wrestled with his uncooperative bowtie, he looked in the mirror toward the barrier a few feet behind him, where his best friend was busy putting on her dress....more

How to cope up with boredom after marriage

I am a typical Indian middle classed women who did my studies in United states ..I had lots of independence ,friends ,roommates,fun,joy during my stay in united states..I thought I can go ack to India once my loans are cleared but I got married to my neighbour who resides in United states ..Like every other girl I had dreams about my wedding ..I did spend all three years of spending on my marraige ...My husbands family didnt spend a penny on our wedding and said that its the girl family who will bear the wedding expenses ..I am okay with that because I thought I give a damn to money as long...more

When it Rains, it Pours

I was torn on that last post—was it too much?  Is it wrong to share the private details of my marriage anonymously to the world?  I am very sorry if it is.  That I’m hemming and hawing and toying with regret for posting it, is probably an indicator that I may have done something wrong. That writing helps me cope with the stressors of life and knowledge and my family woes, is okay.  Maybe it’s not okay to put it out there in the ether. ...more

Cooking Dinner Was Not In My Marriage Vows

My husband and I have been together 20 years now (married 19 years this summer). The other night I asked him how he knew I loved him. A simple question, right?His reply: “I know you love me because you make supper every night for our family, even though you hate it.”WORD....more
I dont hate cooking, I just cant come up with different ideas. we both work. and if he cant tell ...more

Don't Lie About Domestic Violence

Lying about domestic violence not only makes you selfish, but hurts the real victims who need help. ...more

Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now

Everyone must have a soulmate, right? However, I don’t believe it always comes in the form of a husband or a wife, I believe it can also come in the form of a friend, hence why they call your soulmate your “other half”. Something else I believe is that some of us may have more than one soulmate, some may have four. And the sad truth of it all is that some of us will encounter the presence of all of them, and many of us won’t ever meet a single one of them at all. It may not be meant to work with one, but it may work with the other, and that’s just how I think life works....more

why get married?

In a recent conversation with a good friend of mine the question of " why get married anyway? came up. I pondered on this question for about 10 minutes before a gave my answer. My answer went something like this.... the purpose of marriage is agreement; you agree that you will commit to this one individual for the rest of your life to the best of your ability without doubt, conquering temptations that will come( believe me they will come in like a flood), and you agree that you are joining with someone who enhances who you already are....more