Honey, Can I Have Sex with Other People?

It has been about three years since I popped this question to my husband; we had been together for eight. I had just stopped breastfeeding my youngest child and had finally gotten my body back post pregnancy. It was not that I was bored with the sex at home. I think it was more about the fact that I have always loved connecting intimately with people. I love exploring, trying new things, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone....more

A Plea for ME Time: Better than Divorce

If I wasn’t so in love with my husband I would definitely want a divorce....more

Surviving Loss and Thriving Again

None of us wants to think about it, but the standard definition of a totally successful relationship is the old, traditional “til death do us part.” Any time we love, whether it’s a life partner, a dear friend, a child, a sibling, a parent or even a beloved pet, we are risking the loss of that love. ...more

I Spent 15% of My Salary on a Relationship "Coach" & All I Got Was a Lousy List

I spent 15% of my annual income (BEFORE taxes) on a dating/relationship coach. I won’t tell you the exact amount because A) You’ll know how much I make a year, and B) I’ll look like a total idiot.What I thought would be an intensive three-month program that would completely change my life was really six one-hour long phone calls, a CD, and a handful of emails…for 15% of my yearly salary....more
The thing about advice is that it doesn't take until you are ready to hear it.  You said that ...more

The Secret Lives of Boys - Part 2

So, basically, I had these unrealistic and completely unreasonable expectations for the men in my life.And then I got married....more

What Makes a Strong Marriage

Join me as I speak more about what makes a happy marriage along with other things by clicking here.  ...more

Ready, Set, Grow

There's something about new beginnings that are so exciting and full of promise. I am a planner to the core, and every time I am about to start something new, I have big plans for doing everything the right way the first time around. However unrealistic this idea may be, I always believe that if I start out with enough planning, knowledge, and good intentions, I can get things right on the first try.Maybe you're like me and you like to plan everything out, or maybe you're more laid back and willing to go with the flow. But in these days of social media sites like Pinterest and the wealth of knowledge we have available to us on the internet, as well as the expectations we have set for ourselves, the pressure to excel in all of our roles can be overwhelming. As girls, especially, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be good employees, good friends, good wives, good homemakers, good mothers, and the list continues ad infinitum. Between tutorials on eye makeup and instructions on how to do a perfect grouping of pictures and ampersands in your hallways, I end up feeling like a failure when the dinner is overcooked and my hair won't do anything except the wrong thing....more

Christian Grey - a Sad Role Model

My husband and I opened up our marriage three years ago. It was on my initiative, I have been the one pushing our boundaries all along, and he has had faith enough in himself, in me and in us, that he gave me all the freedom I needed. For that I am endlessly grateful....more

Blended Reality of Mentality TV

I started out with one very different post to speak to the brain numbing reality shows that plaque the lives of our youth and adults with violence, infidelity, degrading of women and lack of respect for …..An all of the across the board insult to some communities. Then it quickly became a four page letter that I knew would be an ineffective point since the people who use 10 percent of their brain on those shows are also the ones who watch those shows....more

Are You Hung Up On Phone Sex??

Is Phone Sex your true "calling?" As a convenient service to my readers, I occasionally take online “How To” articles and expand on them so they’re more accurate.  This will enable you to better accomplish your goals, (which let’s just suppose for today is, “How To Have Better Phone Sex!”) in a more expedient manner.See, I’ve got your number.  And you’re welcome!...more