4 Argument Icebreakers for Couples

So the argument is over.  You realize it really wasn't that big of a deal in the first place, but both of you are waiting for one another to make the first step forward.  I know.  I've been there.  As much as you want to get back to the normalcy of hugs, kisses and slaps on the butt you just don't want to go out like a chump.  Well, the bad news is you kind of have too.  The good news is you can do it in a cool kinda way....more

Travel—Or, a vacation that made my heart sing

Our blended family vacation was just—amazing. My heart is so full right now....more

Yes I was on Four Weddings !

Hey Guys!  Since this is my first blog on here I will introduce myself quickly. My name is Concetta. I was born & raised in Brooklyn. I come from a big Sicilian (Italian) family. My father is a musician "Angelo Venuto" and had several hits on the radio....more

Why Was I in Such a Hurry?

How many of you, upon graduating high school, expected to graduate college at 22, immediately marry your boyfriend of 2+ years, and have your first of 2-3 kids before you turned 24?*Raises hand*Life sure doesn’t turn out how you expect it to, does it? I did not graduate college. I didn’t get married until I was 26, and he wasn’t my high school sweetheart and we didn’t meet in college. I’m 27 now, and there are still no children to speak of....more

5 Ways to Have a Healthy Sex Life After Kids!

Lets talk about sex.Regaining and maintaining your sex life after having kids can be trying at times, but is extremely important for you and your partner. We, as humans, require intimacy on so many levels, and physical intimacy is right there at the top. I know, after the hectic days we face as modern women, its very easy to let sex fall to the wayside. BUT I am happy to offer you 5 surefire ways to find the spark and reclaim your carnal right.Before we talk about how, lets discuss why....more
Fabulous post!  Women most commonly feel desire more strongly after being aroused, where as men ...more

Dealing With Different Sex Drives: I want it, He/She doesn’t—NOW what?

Millions of couples suffer from what we reproductive scientists call sexual discrepancy. It can manifest in different levels of need or desire for sexual activity between two partners, and in different levels of sexual satisfaction for the two parties (within the sex they do have)....more


Are you really , really beautiful??  Do you have sexy pouts and long beautiful blonde hair , do you have those perfect pearly whites  giving out a perfect smile ??  You've got all this ?? Wow , then you are a stunner ....more

Should You Try To Change Your Man?

Statistically speaking, the odds of you finding someone who is exactly what you are looking for is non existant.Trying to change someone's personality is a difficult endeavor because, in essence, you're asking them to go against who they are. So before you start, the most important question you have to ask yourself, is: why am I trying to change them? Are you doing it for their own good, or for yours? Do you have a personal stake in this and, if so, what is it?...more

Sex Drive: The Bell Curve of Human Sexual Desire

Humans by their very DNA and biology are sexual, but as with everything in life, there is a bell-curve range to their compatibility of sexual desire.Our sexual drive is individually unique based on the amount of sex steroids our body makes (e.g. levels of estrogen and testosterone). We can imagine a benefit for human communities to have a mix of people with high and low sex steroids, and therefore high and low levels of sexual desire....more

A Survival Guide for the Unemployed Spouse

Whether you relocated for love, got laid off, or got a pink slip, this article is just for you. At one point in my life, I was one of 9.8 million people who were unemployed and married. I took the risk of giving up my career, comfortable living, and steady paycheck for love and marriage....more
My husband is in the Navy, so we've had to relocate multiple times, and it can be SO hard to ...more