Your Marriage Works Better When You Compromise

Since the moment I said "I do" eight years ago, my life has changed more in the fact that some of the scenery is different but not so much the life that we started together. Some of the friends we had then are no longer in our lives, new jobs, my stepson is gone and a little more noisier with two small children in the house.The 24-7 Married Bliss MythIn today's society, there are so many people looking for that 24-7 married bliss without any bumps in the road. But the moment it stops being all flowers and chocolates, then too many people decide to bail out like marriage is just a stunt car and it's as easy to leave as saying,"tuck and roll."Marriage is about compromise, friendship, passion, supporting one another in the good, bad and horrible times, still remembering each other if/when you decide to have children and just keeping in mind that flowers and chocolates may end but there is often something better for those who are just patient....more

Are You And You Partner On The Same Money Page?

Let’s face it, relationships are tough.  They require constant attention, great communication, and massive compromise.  And while the old adage of ‘opposites attract’ may make for an exciting, passionate relationship…it can also be the downfall of your financial dreams.  When committing to a major goal, like early retirement, it is crucial that you and your partner are on the same money page....more

Husbands Still Financially Abusive

A woman contacted me recently asking what she could do to learn more about her marital finances. She explained that her husband became angry when she wanted to participate in financial decisions, teasing her she never had a head for numbers and asking her "Don't you trust me?" She was starting to feel hemmed in by his controlling behavior and wondered if I could help her....more

A Letter to The Woman Dating My Husband

 Hey girl,I know it’s late but there are some things on my heart I needed to say so that you don’t ever forget. These things are as important as life and serious as death.Do you remember a few weeks back when you were walking down the hall in those home-only yoga pants carrying a basket of laundry on one hip and dragging a basket of toys with the other hand?  You had your head down when turning the corner and almost ran into a handsome stranger coming down the hallway....more

12 Marriage Dealbreakers

Most women get all up in arms about their husband cheating on them or getting gender reassignment surgery, but you know, honestly, that isn't what boils my bunny. I am totally cool with that. I say, go ahead—have an affair! Get a sex change! We've all got to follow our bliss. In my opinion, here's the real list of deal killers: ...more
This is ridiculous. When did marriage stop being a relationship between two people, where they ...more

How "Let Your Husband Love You" Changed my Relationship

I was introduced to the blog When at Home through the post Let Your Husband Love You. I was pregnant with my third baby and cruising Facebook when I noticed many of my girlfriends sharing the same blog post. I was immediately convicted when I read it....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Can short guys date?

Dear Dr. Romance :...more

A Prayer for Q

Q entered our lives & our hearts about a year ago. He'd just turned 4, and was funny, animated & undeniably adorable. With dark features and big brown eyes he could have been ours.  He fit into our home & hearts like he was ours....more