Oh Come All Ye Old Faithful Suckers

On a recent three day road trip to northern California our wallets were gouged by near $6 a gallon gas prices, fainting goats on strike and a spitting steam valve purported to be the “Old Faithful” geyser.With a Cliff notes itinerary and travel time a premium, our rental car quickly filled with irritated banter when my husband altered our plans. He turned at a hand-scrawled wood sign: Old Faithful, 13 miles.“Old Faithful is a national treasure,” he said. “Seems silly not to go. Calistoga is a few minutes out of the way.”...more

Never Forget the Power of Date Night

My husband was on my last nerve. I didn't want anything to do with him, let alone spend a week going on dates. But it was Date Week, the week where my in-laws take our kids, and my husband and I get to go out and live it up like we did back in the early '00s before kids. Even though we hadn’t had any serious alone time since Date Week 2013, I wasn't looking forward to it....more
Great article! Loved your quote about undivided attention.more

Dr. Romance Video: How to Decide Whether or Not to End Your Marriage

To watch video, click hereDr Romance: Should you stay in your marriage?Marriage can be frustrating and disappointing, especially if you don't have the skills to fix it.  But giving in to the frustration and leaving may turn out to be the worst thing you ever did. Consider these reasons to stay:...more

Mirrors and Teachers

There are people I love who are easy to be around, and others I love who are more difficult for me....more

4 Ways Stilettos Can Help Spice Up Your Marriage

 Image couresy of Married-and-Naked A little while back I asked my husband, "Is there any way that I can be a better wife for you?"...more
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5 Lessons I Learned During My First Marriage

If only I knew then what I know now. But do I know it all now? No, but I have been a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 30 years. And perhaps more importantly, after a divorce, I have been married to a great guy for over 20 years. I married young and have learned things since then that would have made my life so much easier. I was in love and eager to start my life. You may be in the same situation and wonder what would make you feel safer to make the all-important promise about spending your life with someone you are attracted to now. ...more
This is a great list, number 1 really resonates with me the most, I esp love the quote: "If I ...more

What I Know About Marriage Helped Me Buy A Home

Our family just hit our third year anniversary in this home we live in. Three years ago, my husband and I went through the grueling process of house hunting, and the process was even further complicated by the fact that it was going to be an interstate move for us. Staying put was not an option because of my husband’s new job....more
Whoa! This post and especially #4 struck chords with me. I have been searching for the ...more

20 Ways to Stay Connected After Having a Baby Together

Having a baby is one of the most joyful, transformative experiences a couple can have. It can bring you closer to your partner than you ever imagined. However, after becoming parents, couples are seriously at risk of silently drifting apart. Why? Shifts in dynamics put your children at the center of your universe. Juggling work, hobbies, friends, and your little ones can take up every minute. Busy days, challenging behaviors, or sleepless nights can leave you with little energy to devote to your partner....more

The Thing About It Is…..

I commented on a thought-provoking post written by Brittnei on her blog Homemaking with Style, that inspired this post here.  After posting my comment…....more