Compromise: 1 + 1 = Perfection

[Editor's Note: We hear "Relationships are about compromise" all of the time, but what does that really mean for most of us? We each have our limits, but sometimees, Love pushes us towards testing those limits and discovering that what we thought would be non-negotiable might just be worth the compromise. - Feminsta]...more

Do I Really Have to Leave My Baby for a Date Night?

All or nothing advice is rarely ever spot on. The Headmistress at The Common Room recently wrote about how she was told that she had to leave her baby with a babysitter in order to have a date night and reconnect with her husband. What works for one mom, for one family, might not work for another. What are your thoughts? Do you absolutely have to leave the baby and go on a date? ...more
I don't know how a date can be romantic with junior along demanding attention every second.more

A Valentine's Day Gift to Benefit the Whole Family: Pre-Planned Date Nights

Every year I say that I'm going to do a better job planning -- and actually going on -- date nights with my husband. Every year we fail for one reason or another: lack of babysitters, the month flies by, we can't figure out what to do, we're lazy. I think we really need to follow the lead of Polly at Thriving Home and plan a year of date nights. It's really kind of awesome -- and would be a great Valentine's Day gift for you and yours. ...more

What Can We Learn About Gay Marriage From Sweden?

[Editor's Note: As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to weigh the legality of same-sex marriage, we might want to look across the ocean at Sweden, where gay marriage was legalized several years ago. BlogHer Surviving Life in Sweden takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how society could be affected if gay and lesbian couples are allowed to marry. --Grace]...more

Woman to Woman: On Giving Marital Advice

A Christian woman writes about her approach to advising friends on their marriage, when asked:...more
Good advice..there is nothing more comforting and relieving then venting to a friend but when ...more

Does Blogging Change Your Relationship?

Carriage Before Marriage has an uneasy post about observing the divorces of bloggers online and wondering what impact writing about your significant other has on your relationship.  It's a very interesting question for the sharing age; where we air our arguments in real time as well as throw up pictures of sweet moments that would have -- at one time -- remained within the secret knowledge of the couple. ...more
I think it can if you are too personal with the information that you blog about, but if you keep ...more

Do You Call Your Partner Mom or Dad?

Before I had kids, I thought it was stupid that husbands and wives referred to each other as Mom and Dad. I refused to do it for quite some time... until our oldest son referred to my husband by his first name. Standing at the stop of our steps, yelling for my husband -- by name -- I changed my tune that day. Two Tiny Blue Lines recalls thinking her husband's grandparents were silly for calling each other by such names long after their kids were grown and gone -- but now she does it too. What about you? ...more
I'm sure I have called my husband Dad or Daddy at some point when the kids were around but it's ...more

Does Your Significant Other Read Your Blog?

As Homestories A to Z points out that while there are plenty of articles about how to affair-proof your marriage, it's 2012, and you need to think about how to blog-proof your marriage. In other words, are you putting more energy into your online relationships and keeping up your online space than you are putting energy into your marriage and your home life? If this quote below resonates with you, quickly go over and read her tips to better your relationship. ...more
My fiance reads one of my blogs... I don't know how I aquire these things but it happens. I ...more

You, Your Honey & Your Money

[Editor's Note: Ah, money. Moneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoney. Who doesn't fight about money with her significant other? Apparently, Kristia doesn't ... any more. It takes a long time to learn to effectively share resources, and I think all Kristia's tips are spot on. -Rita] ...more
 @sunsational I think it only works if you both do it. My husband and I are currently trying to ...more

NFL Player's Wife Dies of Cancer One Month After Wedding

(Editor's Note: Professional athletes often make news for off-court antics that aren't exactly flattering. They sometimes think they're above the law and are cited for everything from packing a gun, to driving under the influence to sexual assault (not naming names here). But there are good guys too and NFL player Chris Draft is clearly one of them.  Nordette's post profiles more of a love story than a sports story - but one that transcends classification and will touch your heart on so many levels. ~js)...more
What a beautiful story of commitment and lovemore