My Ideas of Success Differed from my Husband's... but It Didn't Matter

What my life was like before I became an everyday mom, what I thought my life would be like after I was parenting children and what my life is like today are three vastly different things. It's a sticking point for some moms, facing the "what I thought" and "what it is." For some moms, however, the added issue of how their partner views the subject can be a thorn in the side of the relationship. Megs at And Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson shares her befores, her husband's thoughts, the issues they had -- and what their reality is like today. What was your journey to today like? ...more
I really enjoyed your post, especially the note that society today de-emphasizes the rewards and ...more

Ten Ways Buying a House is Like an Arranged Marriage

[Editor's Note: Ever wonder what it's really like to be set up in an arranged marriage? Mainstream American culture can't really wrap its head around the concept of committing to a spouse sight-unseen. Yet, we don't mind buying a house based on a brief walk-through.   BlogHer Aisha Iqbal met her husband through a semi-arranged process, and now that they're buying a house, she sees some humorous similarities. --Grace] ...more

5 Ways to Feed the Flames of Passion

At the beginning of a romance, passion is like a fire that refuses to be contained. But as time passes, that uncontrollable fire stops raging. How does one keep the passion alive? Lee Block at The Post Divorce Chronicles offers us the five best types of relationship kindling. ...more

Pat Robertson on Alzheimer's and Marriage Vows

[Editor's Note: Pat Robertson's views on Alzheimer's and marriage vows came as a bit of a surprise to some people. Debutopia's perspective differs from that of Pat Robertson's. Read her post, watch the video and tell us what you think. - Denise] ...more
Really?? People for the American way and this is what they give us? IT IS ALL ABOUT ME!! no ...more

Intermarriage: It's Not a Fetish

[Editor's Note: As someone in an interracial marriage, I know what it's like to have to defend my choice of partner. (Why do people think a personal relationship is fodder for public commentary?) Blogger, professor and minister Hugo Schwyzer knows all about that: he's been married four times -- to women of different ethnicities. He says pressure to marry someone of the same race can be just as much of a fetish as the inclination to only marry/date people of another race. --Grace] ...more