Hate the System, Not the Zimmerman trial Jurors

I certainly am shocked and disappointed by the decision made in the Zimmerman verdict, and I would have hated to have been a juror in that case. Within the confines of the law, the jury may not have had much of a choice in their decision.Rather than fighting over the stupidity of the jury decision and the racial implications, we need to bind together and attack the root of the issue.Gun violence."Stand Your Ground" laws suck!Gun violence sucks!Children and teens are shot and killed every 3 hours and 15 minutes in our country! Shocking!...more


I have heard a lot about injustice this weekend. I have heard cries of racism, of bigotry, of "good ol' boys". I have seen people blame Florida, once again, for being backwards, for being Southern, for being unable to prosecute a case.I have seen the celebratory remarks of people that support George Zimmerman, I have heard the rallying cries of those that want to accuse the President of attempting to use this case to take away guns or create stricter gun laws. I have seen people post links to "news" articles that villify the victim.Stop....more

The Zimmerman Trial: Racism Isn’t Just An American Thing

If you’ve been following the news, as I have and do, you’ll know that yesterday, the verdict in the Trayvon Martin shooting case was due to come down. The case has been one of great media interest and public outcry. A 17-year-old black boy was followed and shot because George Zimmerman, a white man who fancied himself a “neighbourhood watch cop”, decided he looked suspicious....more

Shaking My Head: The Zimmerman Verdict and Race

I'm thinking about the George Zimmerman verdict in Florida. Who isn't? For a few weeks, many of us have been watching the trial, closely or in passing, word-for-word or in highlighted bits on the evening news. Zimmerman, an armed neighborhood watch volunteer, patrolling his housing complex one evening, spots a young man named Trayvon Martin, who appears not to belong....more
Indeed, race is complicated.  We're no longer a binary system.  Yet what is equally troubling is ...more

Turning Our Pain Over Trayvon Martin Into A Movement

It's raining hard in Charlotte this morning. As if Mother Earth is attempting to wash away the sour aftertaste left by three weeks of a "nothing's off limits" trial and a late-night verdict finding George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. ...more
In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, we're seeing people of all races uniting in support of ...more

The Zimmerman Trial: Another Psychological Enslavement by the Left to Brainwash the Black Community

Around a half an hour ago the United States of America saw it's third controversial situation of Obama's second term.About a half an hour ago America began heading towards the beginnings of a racial anarchy, something the Leftist Confederates have continued to hope for the last 150 years.Turmoil has sprung with two different sides of an arguement: Zimmerman as trying to commit a murder to a black 17-year-old in Florida, and Zimmerman who "protected himself" in self-defense from a black teenager who called him a "white cracker"....more
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Malala Day Takes Over the United Nations

Most girls celebrate their 16th birthday by getting their driver’s license, maybe a party. Not Malala Yousafzai. She’s recovered from her horrific head injuries after being shot by the Taliban last year for wanting to go to school, and today Malala spent her 16th birthday by going to the United Nations to rally for education....more
ALLAH is ke Umer lambi kary. May Allah long his life.more

It's Not Just About Trayvon Martin

Editor's update, 7/13/13: A Florida jury today acquitted George Zimmerman of all charges in Trayvon Martin's death. We'll be monitoring reaction and pointing you to must-reads, and encourage you to share your reaction as well. -- Julie ...more
@flextime Unfortunately bias, racism and hate are universal traits shared liberally. We see ...more