Domestic workers’ rights move closer to becoming reality worldwide

As the International Labour Organization Convention 189 on domestic work turns two, a look at how Governments, unions and the private sector, supported by UN Women, are working towards ensuring that this female-dominated profession is regulated and worker’s rights are protected. ...more

11-Year-Old Sebastien De La Cruz Is an Inspiration to Kids Facing Racism

[Editor's Note: Even if you don't follow the NBA finals, you need to check out the 11-year-old sensation who sang the national anthem two nights last week. Sebastien De La Cruz first sang at last Tuesday night's game in San Antonio, Texas. People made racist comments about the Mexican-American boy dressed in a mariachi outfit, but the real story is how he responded gracefully and was invited back to sing again. Like many watchers, Monica at Mommy Maestra is inspired by Sebastien....more
He is a true talent and a delightful spirit.  He captured our National Anthem beautifully!  ...more

Is Your Child Depressed? It's Probably Your Fault, Mom

Recently scientists declared children of women who did not finish high school were twice as likely to experience a major episode of depression in early adulthood as children whose mothers obtained a high school diploma, according to a new study by researchers at McGill University. The study authors also noted while a mother’s education affected a child’s chance for depression, the father’s education had no impact on his child....more
@JennaHatfield It's not this study in particular. It was just the one that broke the camel's ...more

Kick Underage Drinking Myths to the Curb

 With graduation and summer parties just around the corner, I was thinking about what it means to be a parent with children who are at an age where they may drink. No, I’m not talking about kids who are 21 years old. I’m talking about underage drinking. Because, let’s face it, many of us drank illegally when we were kids and so will our children no matter how hard we try....more

Going to Washington D.C. to Tell Our Family's Immigration Story

The things we do for love. As an author-activist writing about the immigration and family reunification issues, I see the sacrifices that people make across the border for love and experience them myself on a daily basis. Now, as the Senate considers the immigration reform bill, I am on my way to Washington D.C. to share my story of how the broken immigration laws have affected my family....more
Good luck!more

Love Is Traditional, Russia: Fighting Hatred & Promoting Acceptance

When you were a child, what do you remember most about learning about love?Love, to me, wasn’t represented only by a man and a woman being married. Of course, I associated men and women being married with love – but I also knew that my parents loved me, for example. I had love for my childhood dog, Daisy. I loved my sister, even though we fought. And I loved my friends. All of those things represented love to me....more

What Would Jen Do - A Discussion About Guns

Yesterday, I shared a story on my Facebook wall from the Washington Post about the Barden family from Sandy Hook, CT that sparked a lot of debate....more

Clapper Snaps Back on NSA Press Attack, NSA Leak Reveals Identity

Clapper Snaps Back on NSA Press Attack The Director of National Intelligence James Clapper finally issued a response regarding the NSA-Gate, indicating that these "spying" programs are longstanding and not NEW (like I said three days ago)...and that the Press failed to give the public any CONTEXT in a rush to p...more

Are You There NSA? It’s Me, Grace

I’ve been thinking a lot about the reports that the Feds have been snooping in people’s Google, Yahoo, Apple and Facebook accounts and Verizon records. And I know that as a news blogger, I should be writing something about it. But there’s a lot of pressure, knowing that besides my usual 67 followers, someone at the National Security Administration might actually be reading this. ...more
Too funny! They are just nosy folks. No point in trying to hide at this point.more

NSA Spies on Americans for FBI--What the Press Won't Tell You

The UK Newspaper the Guardian reportedly broke the story that Verizon has been ordered to turn over what are essentially phone logs for American citizens placing calls within the United States and to Europe. To be clear, they aren't intercepts or voice recordings, rather phone records that contain the information similar to what you'd receive on your cell phone bill....more