Thank You, Angelina.

Thank you, Angelina. Because the first thing I thought, after hearing the news story about her elective double-mastectomy, was “if she can do it, I can do it.” When I found out, back in November of 2011, that I have the BRCA-1 mutation, the  decision to opt for a preventative double mastectomy, followed by an oopharectomy, was pretty much a “no-brainer.”...more
Thank YOU, Dvora, for this insightful post. I didn't realize that Angelina's mother died due to ...more

Assata Shakur First Woman on FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists List: Why Now?

The FBI recently added the first woman, 65-year old Assata Shakur, to its Most Wanted Terrorists list. The addition of Shakur to this infamous list isn’t shocking simply because she is female or black, but because of the timing -- 40 years after her involvement in a police shoot-out....more
I would first and foremost like to say I LOVE lainad, I read many of her stories or blogs. She ...more

The Green Card Deception

I lived in the United States illegally for eight years. Apparently the politically correct term is undocumented. I didn't care what it was called: That was me, always feeling like the bottom of the food chain. No opportunities, no hopes. I worked hard every day to pay for my bills and to attend college, while there was no prospect of a green card yet. ...more
In spending more time pondering this post, I believe part of the problem is most Americans don't ...more

I Am (not) Miss America

“Alison! I have a question!” My student says to me after class.  “What do you think about the lawyer in the U.S who thinks everyone should have a 3D printed gun?” ...more

Jose Antonio Vargas: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

Suppose you couldn’t celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom because she is in a different country, and she cannot come to the United States to be with you, and you risk losing everything you have in the country by travelling to be with her? That’s the predicament of journalist and immigration reform advocate Jose Antonio Vargas, and why he has spent the last two years working on an film, “Documented”, which explores immigration in the United States through his own life story....more
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Door 86 Vegan Cheese Tasting in Colorado Springs + Vegan News You Can Use (5/12/13)

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom readers (and my mom!). My cats didn’t get me anything but then I told them not to, so we’re good.Yesterday I hosted a Meetup featuring vegan cheese from Door 86....more

Ohio Girls Come Home: From the Sister of a Missing Person

This has been the most exciting week in a long time in the world of missing persons.  Not only did a long time missing loved one come home, but three came home.  Alive. It's unbelievable.  Astounding.  Miraculous. ...more

We Chased Our Kids Off Facebook

 Have you noticed less interaction with your teen or college student on Facebook?  Why are they not posting photos or updates? Where have they gone?...more

Could More Asian American History Prevent Things Like This Blackface Video?

May is Asian-Pacific American History Month, and as the month opens up, one of the topics people are talking about is how a UC Irvine Asian American fraternity could think it was okay to make a YouTube video of themselves -- with one of the members in blackface. Granted, they could use a lesson in African-American history, but Tina over at 8Asians thinks the lack of Asian American history is partly to blame. How?...more