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Hate Letter Sent to Mother of Autistic Child

While the intent of Laughing Mom is to take a lighthearted break from the challenges of parenting, every now and again I come across a current event piece that just can't go by unnoticed. I suspect my Canadian readers will already have seen this as it has been getting a lot of press this side of the border. Imagine: You are the mother of 13-year-old Maxwell. He enjoys visiting his grandmother and jumping on her trampoline. One day, you receive this (anonymous) letter in the mail. ...more
That is disgusting. Aside from all the hate spewed, I fail to see how living in an ordinary ...more

USPS is in Mammon's crosshairs

Sweet Babou and I traipsed down to the post office the other day to get our passports. There was a certain amount of tedious involved, in that forms had to be filled out in black ink and pictures had to be given and whatnot. There was also a certain amount of moolah that had to be handed over as well. Our combined passports were more than $300. I don’t know about y’all, but that was a big-ass chunk of change to us. Considering it is government paperwork, I don’t see why they cannot be issued like Social Security cards, but okay that’s the way it goes....more

For my Boys: Know Who You Are

Strong, Brave, KindSilly, Wild, PlayfulInquisitive, Driven, ExpandingLoved, Cherished, WantedGrowing, Challenging, Seeking...more

Poll: Do You Have Friends of a Different Race?

A recent poll conducted by Reuters reports that many Americans have no friends of a race other than their own. It’s not that surprising, given the dramatically different ways people have reacted to recent events such as the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting, or even last week’s Twitter trend #solidarityisforwhitewomen. ...more
Well, I was born in San Francisco, and I've lived in the Bay Area my entire life.  I think that ...more

What happened?

I've had something on my mind for awhile now about which I've wanted to blog.  It was simmering back in my brain, only bubbling to the surface occasionally.  But last week, with all the discussions over nursing in public {in reference to a certain You Tube video} it practically exploded out of my brain.  In fact, I hand wrote the blog post first because my computer wasn't working and I just couldn't wait to get it all down. ...more

When the honeybees are gone, what will you miss the most?

I think we will miss too many things go count -- and it's frighteningmore

Let Us Shine in Sochi

I grew up one among athletes, artists, dancers and performers.  Some of them were gay....more
@Chgo2LAMom Definitely agree.  The ideal situation would be to move the games, but I'm not sure ...more