What Should Candy Crowley Ask at the Presidential Town Hall?

Tuesday night, it’s Obama v. Romney, round two! This event will be a Town Hall style moderated by CNN correspondent Candy Crowley. There’s been some brouhaha over how much free reign Crowley will have to ask questions or follow-up on the questions asked by the people in the audience – who are undecided voters from the Long Island, New York area. ...more
I would like to hear each candidate define treason. Isn't intentionally inflicting injury on the ...more

Manifest Destiny: Gap, What Were You Thinking?

Full disclosure: I like The Gap. Honestly, I do. Since Theo’s birth, I’ve spent a significant portion of my time (and income) in Gap Kids, cooing over pint-sized button-down shirts, cunning little sweater vests and pastel onesies sporting adorably clever graphics. I’ve even written here before about how impressed I was that they were selling pink and purple clothing in the boys’ department....more
@bellejarblog  @fat girl blogger I'm very proud of what you did. I think it's huge.more

Mark McNairy, I Can't Even

Mark McNairy, the man who designed the Manifest Destiny shirt for The Gap, tweeted the following on Saturday evening:...more
@Julie Ross Godar Hah, I totally agree! Survival of the fittest indeed!   Did you see his ...more

The elephant in the room...

I am a woman. I am a Black-American. I am a minority.Having these things in common does not equal a vote for president in my house.Before you pass judgement on whether or not I am an Obama supporter or a "sell-out", just consider the points below.1. I am not a business owner. My husband and I are upper middle class. We don't struggle to make ends meet and both of us are from what would be considered impoverished backgrounds. I don't believe in paying other peoples bills as no one is going to pay mine....more

Game Day for Girls

October 11th was the first International Day of the Girl, recognized by NGOs around the world via a series of awareness strategies and marked by the United Nations by the passing of resolutions and sharing of statistics.  It was also the day that 14 year-old Malala Yousufzai was in a Pakistani hospital fighting for her life after being shot in the head by a Taliban militant because she used her voice and intellect to advocate for access to education for girls.  The latter incident is a shocking reminder of how far girls still have to go and how much they risk in imagining a world ...more

Charity looking for US Directors - reach out if interested

Hi everyone, This charity in support of  babies will soon be approved  in the US in the state of California. They are looking for US Directors to help them run from America. If you know of anyone who may wish to help get this project off the ground, please reach out to Amy@ForeverAngels.org.Thank you, ...more

The Pink Stink

I’m about to give up supporting and advocating for breast cancer.Seriously – how can I; one educational and awareness advocate compete with the likes of big business? How does my voice compare to the voices of Enbridge, Proctor and Gamble, and Fabutan?...more

Amanda Todd: A Case of Betrayal and Bullying

After reading about the story of Amanda Todd, the beautiful teenager who took her own life apparently due to extreme bullying, a scene from the movie The General's Daughter suddenly flashed in my mind."Someone once asked me if I knew what was worse than rape? Now I know the answer, it's betrayal", Brenner (John Travolta) told Lt. Gen. Campbell (James Cromwell). Bullying alone is already a terrible thing that no one should experience. The addition of betrayal can push someone in a downward spiral....more

A Feast from the Fast

I think part of participating in NaBloPoMo is reading other people’s blogs and sharing when something or someone strikes a chord with you.  This morning, I read a post on McSweeney’s, a blog from the publishing group that author Dave Eggers helped found that resonated with me because of my month-long Facebook fast.  The post by Dan Kennedy is called “Pleased to Meet the Facebook Version of You” and describes the dissonance between the status updates and the pe...more

The Obscenity of Girls

Imagine if you lived in a place where educating women was considered an obscenity.  Imagine if your 14-year old daughter was gunned down for finding her voice and asking to go to school.  Imagine if fundamentalism kept women from pursuing anything close to freedom.  Imagine if all the rules governing women were made by men branding firearms with a nervous finger on the trigger should a female dare to step out from under the burkha or express an opinion formed by natural intelligence and critical thinking. Continue reading at ...more