Men in the kitchen: cooking up change in Mozambique

An innovative programme is increasing men’s participation in domestic activities to promote gender equality and address violence against women and girls. At least 1600 men have taken part in the course, which is supported by UN Women, and complemented by a series of awareness-raising activities. ...more

I Went to the Texas Capitol In Support Of Women's Rights

Something seriously interesting is happening at the Texas Capitol. On the heels of last week’s 11 hour filibuster by State Senator Wendy Davis, over 5000 people took to the statehouse to protest the special session called by Governor Rick Perry to vote in the controversial bill severely limiting access to abortions in the Lone Star State. ...more
Dani, believe it or not, I had a girlfriend who didn't know she was pregnant until she was 5 ...more

The Pursuit of Public Happiness

This week we {in the United States} celebrate the 4th of July, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”...more

What this Black Girl learned from today's gay rights movement

Some would never suspect that the 1st third of my life was spent as an artistic type who skipped through the halls of my high-school barefoot in a pinafore dress and paintbrushes pushed through my hair. Yep, I went to a performing arts high school and was surrounded by the  quirky, good people some would call freaks. The experience allowed this proud freak to encounter otherness and to BE other on a daily basis. One such other was the quintessential male gay best friend who, in those days, had no clue they were gay(maybe they did and hid it)....more

Overturning DOMA Changes Nothing in My State

[Editor's Note: While many people are celebrating the Supreme Court's overturn of the Defense of Marriage Act, the ruling doesn't actually make a difference in states where gay marriage is not legal. BlogHer Late Enough lives in one of those states, and shares a bit of her thoughts here. --Grace]...more

The Post Office's Big Problem

Every once in a while, I mail out a manuscript from our local post office. I do this from time to time - never with good results, mind you, but it's become a part of my routine. I always mail it in an envelope that looks like this:...more
If you pry the metal clasp off the envelope, you don't have to pay the surcharge, the lady at my ...more

Battling Gender Stereotypes in the Toy Store (and Other Subliminal Places)

 I took a trip today to the toy store to buy a birthday gift for my nephew.  My boys are older and I tend to order online so it has been a while since I ventured into a store dedicated only to toys.  As an early childhood professional, I found the entire event disturbing....more

Why Do Firefighters Take Such Risky Jobs?

Nineteen firefighters died in Arizona yesterday.  It is a stark reminder that firefighters put their lives on the line to protect other people's property and lives.  Why do they choose to take such dangerous work?...more

Rainbows, Mini-Donuts, and Acceptance Found Here, No Label Required

My living room is now home to a basket full of rainbows. It’s a nice addition to my otherwise neutral color palate. The contents of the basket represent all manner of rainbows my 5-year-old son collected at the local PRIDEcelebration this weekend: bracelets, ribbons, buttons, flower leis.We’ll be rainbowed up for weeks....more
Your 14 year old proved a wonderful point: that everyone is just regular. Just people like you ...more