Geeking Out Over British Television

I have been a nerd since before it was hip to call yourself a nerd. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Luke Skywalker was my husband, I researched dinosaurs for fun, and I still wear glasses. What’s worse, is I am a total fangirl for British television. Perhaps it’s the actors or puffy shirts, but my most favorite television is the British-kind.Just to satisfy my excitement and share that with you, here is what to watch and when to watch! ...more
I am a huge fan of Sherlock, and have been a Dr Who fan since the original series was running on ...more

Sexual assault - banana leaves and thorns

With the media being cacophonous over the recent gang rape of a young photojournalist in Mumbai it is hard to not just beg for numbness just to escape their empty indignation. Every time such an incident occurs there are debates on fast-track courts, police conduct and consequences in the form of castration or even the death penalty. There are candle light vigils, a few silent protests and then we all go back to our lives making sure the women we know text us the taxi number they get into late night or stay on the phone till our friend reaches back home from the airport....more

This is not about chemical weapons and India should be worried

Before I begin, I do not have a formal education in the area of foreign policy nor am I a seasoned journalist who understands the granularity of the sectarian issues in the Middle East. What I present here is the synthesis of whatever I have consumed over the past few days on this issue and my recollection of significant world events during my adult life....more

Let’s Talk About Syria

It’s the topic many of us don’t want to think about, although we know it’s important: the possibility for U.S. military involvement in the war in Syria. Don’t know what’s going on? It’s confusing, convoluted, and depressing. First of all, read this article in The Washington Post: 9 Questions About Syria You Were Too Embarassed to Ask: Horrified? You’re not alone....more
All the Republicans I know are against attacking Syria.  It will not stop the opposition from ...more

Memo to School Administrators: Afros and Dreads Aren't "Faddish" Hairstyles

UPDATE: The Deborah Brown Community School administrators held a meeting Monday night, September 9, and voted to change the wording of their policy that led to one 7-year-old girl's being sent home for wearing her hair in dreadlocks—though that will not convince the girl's family to keep her in that school. Tiana Parker has already enrolled and been accepted elsewhere. ...more
Having archaic rules on the books is one thing, enforcing them is another. I got mad. My 14 year ...more

Women make up more than one-third of Zimbabwe’s new Parliament

At a historic 35 per cent, women’s representation has more than doubled for the 8th Parliament of Zimbabwe, due to a special Constitutional measure applied during the recent general elections. ...more

Unrest In Peace: The Many Awful Feelings Ariel Castro's Suicide Brings

Waking up to hear the news of Ariel Castro's suicide in prison was the most unwelcome sucker punch. Especially jarring, as today was my son's first day at school. I started out the morning all optimistic and teary-eyed about my hopes for my son's future, my dream that he find his way in life with success and become a good man....more
@ContessaGrigia  @Rita Arens You have a point COntessa, also at some point, no matter how ...more

Creating New Habits - One Day At A Time

Confront the Duck...more

Judge Orders Man To Wear Idiot Sign

Will wearing a shaming sign change a man's behaviour? I guess we will find out. An Ohio judge ordered a man to wear a sign saying he was an idiot for a week. The sign said,  "I apologize to officer Simone & all police officers for being an idiot calling 911 threatening to kill you. I'm sorry and it will never happen again."...more

Suck it, Wal-mart

Woot! Woot! Some good news at last on a political front! A group of politicians actually took a stand for their constituents AGAINST some big oligarchy-feeding hellholes! Alleluia!!!...more