The Rape and Death of 17-Year-Old Rehtaeh Parsons

The story is disturbingly familiar. A teenage girl goes to some kind of get-together, maybe a party. She is raped by multiple assailants. The rape is photographed and distributed via social media. The girl is subjected to horrifying acts of bullying and shaming. She is branded a slut. Her life becomes a living hell. ...more
Rehtaeh's story  is very similar to the story of Carolina, 14, a italian girl that the january ...more

AshleyGate: How Mitch McConnell Planned to Smear Ashley Judd

If you think politics is dirty, you’re probably going to think it’s even more dirty after reading this story. It’s so outrageous that you might feel compelled to throw up, or take a shower, or, at the very least, call your senator. Yes, I'm talking about the Mother Jones story with tapes of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and his staff discussing how to attack Ashley Judd as "unbalanced." ...more
@Mona Gable Oh no...didn't mean to imply she was "unfit" for office, at all.  However, she put ...more

Why Have 16% of Americans Have Changed Their Minds about Same-Sex Marriage?

Today at 10:30am did a live chat at The Huffington Post about why politicians, and the rest of America, suddenly seem to be “evolving” on same-sex marriage....more

Margaret Thatcher and Shirley Muldowney

It's enough that they did it first. They didn't have to do it right. Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to be Prime Minister of the UK after elbowing her way through layers of rock hard, calcified male privilege. She went on to establish a catalog of bad public policy. Shirley Muldowney was "The First Lady of Drag Racing." For years, she was practically the only woman in drag racing. She ended her career in 2003 after racing 'funny cars' for years - elongated hot rods with massive engines that required parachutes to open to slow down after the quarter mile race....more

Buying Homes: For the Greed of Money or Love of Living

In California, for a family trying to buy a home (be it condo, townhouse, or detached single family home) in the Bay Area—Eastbay, North Bay (Napa, Vallejo, and San Rafael), South Bay, Peninsula and San Francisco—for example, is nothing short of needing a miracle. How are families able to compete with investors who are offering cash and/or astronomical moneys, offering as much as double what a house is listed for? It suddenly becomes a bidding war, and a couple with a modest salary and a worthy down payment does not stand a chance!...more
@JuliaHanna Home in the Bay Area are ridiculously high. I agree. And my son-in-law and daughter ...more

The Lisa Epsteen Story: Is Medical Inaction a Crime?

Lisa Epsteen’s baby boy was born healthy via cesarean section days after her doctor threatened to drag her to the hospital in handcuffs and put her four other children in child protective custody. Ms. Epsteen knew the risks of delaying her cesarean and she made a choice to have her cesarean on a different day than what her doctor wanted. She weighed her doctor’s advice and also her own opinion. But Dr. Jerry Yankowitz, didn’t like her decision and tried to convince her otherwise in an email with threats of police and taking away her children....more
@Molly Roy Well put.more

New Middle East Needs Fusion of Islam and Feminism

The changing face of the Middle East involves politics, feminism and religion. And the role of women who continue to push for their rights is an interesting balance of political activism and religious expression. Author Isobel Coleman shares an excerpt from her new book Paradise Beneath Her Feet at Women's e-News:...more

The Kitchen Think: What Are You Doing To End Hunger in America?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead There’s a small non-profit organization in Chicago that is quietly making a big difference in the lives of many who live in areas where grocery stores are non-existent or are overrun by fast food restaurants... it’s called Top Box Foods....more

The Culture of Team Sports: How Did It Go So Wrong?

The Culture of Team Sports: How Did It Go So Wrong?If you are anything like me, the recent events of Steubenville and Rutgers are weighing heavily on your mind.  If you think the two aren’t related, I ask you reconsider.   ...more