Learning from Mary Thom: Editor of Women's Words and Lives

The New York Times obituary headline dubbed Mary Thom, who died April 26 in an accident while riding her beloved 1996 Honda Magna 750: "a chronicler of the feminist movement." But Mary didn’t just chronicle second wave feminism. She lived it, she epitomized it, she shaped how we think about it with her graceful editing and insightful writing. ...more

Making laws real and accessible underlines efforts by judges in Tanzania

Cross-posted from UN Women “I know my father is proud of me” says Devotha Christopher, smiling as she recalls her father at work in the courtroom. “He was not an educated man, but he taught me from a young age that justice will only prevail when the Court understands the barriers people face in their everyday pursuit of rights.” ...more

Sanford Beats Colbert Busch for So. Carolina Congress Seat

[UPDATE 5:35PM PST: Mark Sanford beats Elizabeth Colbert Bush for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District. Read on for the analysis of the events leading up to the vote. --Grace]...more
We elected Obama twice, too. Apparently, America never learns from it's mistakes -- we're ...more

What We Can Learn from the European Horse Meat Scandal

It's not just horse meat. It's not just Europe....more

Hillary Clinton in 2016? Poll Shows Voters Ready for a Woman

[Editor's Note: Will she or won't she? While we may be still guessing if HIllary Clinton has decided make a run for the White House in 2016, it seems that voters have made up their minds. A new poll shows that the overwhelming majority of people in battleground states would consider a woman president. EMILY's List, which released this poll, has already started a campaign called Madam President, with the goal of helping elect a woman to the presidency....more

The Military's Big Sexual Assault Problem

Last week the officer in charge of the Air Force’s anti-sexual assault unit was arrested and charged with sexual battery. Yes, you read that right. Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Krusinski attacked a woman in a parking lot not far from the Pentagon, grabbing her ass and breasts. If that isn’t telling about the military’s sexual assault crisis, I don’t know what is. It certainly doesn’t speak well for the Pentagon. ...more

Gun Control is an Illusion

I'm a huge proponent of the 2nd amendment.  Just period.  I think a human being who hasn't broken the law has every right to defend themselves, including with a gun, if necessary.  Again, period. ...more

Occidental College Faculty Vote "No Confidence" in High Level Administrators

At about 1:00 Monday, a quorum of the Occidental Faculty overwhelmingly voted No Confidence in the campus attorney, Carl Botterud, and the Dean of Students, Barbara Avery. I was among the faculty in attendance....more

Hail Seitan! More Wheat-Meat in Colorado Springs + Vegan News You Can Use (5/5/13)

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on my first in a series of posts on how toprofessionalize your passion (coming to you, later this month!), hit up the Herb Fest (check out the Gazette’s shout-out to The Compassionate Vegan!) and, by 3pm, real...more

Thank You, Beirut. Your Friend, Dubai.

This editorial first appeared in the Huffington Post on April 24, 2013Before I left for my trip to Lebanon this December, my 84-year-old neighbor told me about the fantastic nightlife in Beirut. She had visited the city after World War II, while her husband was stationed in Europe. She told me about Beirut's unique blend of European sophistication and liberal leanings in an Arab milieu. Just about 150 miles from Cyprus on the Mediterranean, Beirut served as a gateway to the Middle East....more