The Week in Must-Watch: BlogHerTV Programming Guide

In case you missed any of these amazing moments from BlogHer '12 Conference held August 2-4 in New York City, here are the top 4 must-watch moments: President Obama, Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, and the inspirational BlogHer '12 fashion show -- plus more must-watch videos on BlogHer TV....more

Romney Launches Women for Mitt Coalition

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney recently announced his Women for Mitt Coalition as part of nine communities where he's bolstering support, from Young Americans to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders....more
Honestly? Any candidate that is proposing to reduce and eliminate Social Security, Medicare and ...more

Open letter to Vice President Biden

~Photo by Jay LaPrete, AP The Vice President opened his mouth yet again, and offended Virginians twice! ...more

Paul Ryan: Definitely Not a Foodie...

The Weienermobile on Capitol Hill via Oscar Mayer's Hotdogger blog ...but yes, he did drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile....more

I speak Chinese, and that's not amazing

Dear fellow non-Asian Americans, ...more

Help the Victims of Burned Joplin Mosque

[Editor's Note: On August 6, a mosque in Joplin, Missouri was burned to the ground -- less than a week after the mass shooting at a Sikh gurdwara in Wisconsin. BlogHer Dawn Sticklen, who lives in Joplin, is asking for your help in helping this community recover. --Grace]...more
Even if some investigator 'concludes' that this is arson, that will not be the end of the story. ...more

She Called Me "Kitten": Remembering Cosmo Editor Helen Gurley Brown

It seemed like Helen Gurley Brown, the famed magazine editor who turned Cosmopolitan into the raciest!, the daringest!, the most fabulously pro-woman/pro-men, pro-men-chasing-women-and-women-chasing-men magazine ever! had figured out how to be ageless, kittenish and fabulous forever. But, alas, time finally won out against the impossibly dynamic Helen, and she passed away today at the ripe young age of 90....more
Awesome blog!  (seriously...awesome)  I was watching her--I believe on Carson years ago, when I ...more

Top Five Better Vice Presidents Than Paul Ryan

On Saturday, Bland White Dude in Waiting Mitt Romney announced super-aggressive youngster Paul Ryan as his running mate in the 2012 presidential election....more

Why the Olympics are Important


Let thy light so SHINE ~ Great Opportunity!

Share in the dream of our Youth! You never know what can happen....more