There's more to it, people

My friend (a dear friend, who I love to the moon and back) posted this status on Facebook:...more

Freedom isn't free

Cross posted from   This is not a funny post, and honestly, it shouldn't be. I posted a bit of this on facebook the other day, but a momentary rant made me really start thinking about what's going on in today's political climate. This will be my only post on politics in this season (unless, of course, I "misspoke" in which case a PR person will shrug and comment somewhere on my blog that I didn't mean what I said....more

Day 2: It's Ladies' Night on the RNC Floor (Plus: Jon Voight)

Game on: The delegates are on the floor for the first time this week. It's finally really happening. Watch for today's roll call: Romney adviser Russ Shriefer confirmed this morning that he believes the tipping point will come in a state that begins with "N" -- interesting news. Twenty-two of Nevada's 28 delegates support Ron Paul, and they've been said to still be planning to name Paul as their candidate. Plus, there's still the possibility of a floor fight....more
Excellent job tonight Ladies!more

Continuing To Prepare For Isaac...

I stayed glued to The Weather Channel Monday morning until the LSU medical community in New Orleans made a decision on allowing their dental students and residents to leave the area for a couple of days because of the impending hurricane.  Relieved, I then waited for them to make it back to Alexandria, which is generally a three hour drive.  David and Ryan left at 1:20 and arrived here at 7:00.  The traffic was backed up so far that they decided to take another route that was also clogged with traffic.  That was part of my concern with them leaving the city so late. ...more
Hope you and your family are okay! Let us know how you're doing. Keeping fingers crossed...more

At the RNC: Romney Restoring GOP's Faith on Economy, Leadership

Two disasters rest on the lips of every delegate, GOP staffer and member of the media: Hurricane Isaac and the national economy.The 2012 Republican National Convention agenda carefully danced with the impending disaster of the former made by Mother Nature, while presuming to be the hope to recover the nation from the latter....more
 @Rita Arens We're saving lives like never before on the battlefield. It's when they get home ...more

Why the Rhetoric Against the Successful Must End

Entrepreneurs are drawn to places with opportunities. For centuries, the place to make those dreams a reality was America. But the eternal optimist that was America is going through a down spell. A sluggish economy and a rhetoric against success threatens to unravel a society that long understood that the only way to lift yourself up is from your own bootstraps....more
@Cindyhuber@Lorraine Devon Wilke Monica and her father should have the same set of tax rules as ...more

Street Style: Day 1 at the Republican National Convention

The style quotient was high inside and outside the Republican National Convention on Day 1. From reporters in stylish galoshes to delegates in tailored leather blazers, storm conditions didn’t dampen (pun intended) the style of GOP convention attendees. ...more

Bloggers Ask: Can the GOP Win Women and Minorities?

Now that the first real day of the Republican National Convention is underway, pundit and armchair pundits finally have something to tweet about. Race and gender keep popping up, even with the official “We Built This” theme. Here’s something interesting. Earlier Tuesday the Congressional Black Caucus hosted a Tweet-up with the hashtag #havehisback. Jack and Jill Politics asks: ...more
A better question would be, "Can they win Americans?" that's what we all are, and the answer is YES.more

Moist Monday: Evening Update From the RNC in Tampa

What to look for as the Republican National Convention in Tampa gets really, really underway tomorrow: Will the "optics" of Tropical Storm Isaac affect a "full steam ahead" lineup. Will Ron Paul delegates bring a fight to the convention floor? And will New Jersey Governor Chris Christie bring the smack talk to his speech?...more
Neat, Julie! I'm excited for you! HA on the getting the 11 characters back.more

What Bloggers Are Saying: RNC Day One

Not at the Republican National Convention in Tampa? The next best thing may be right in front of your nose, as online media is playing bigger role than ever in the 2012 convention season. #GOP12 and #RNC have been trending all day on Twitter, and it’s just getting started. ...more