Tonight, at dinner, I asked my husband "where is our bag of tea lights?"...more

NaBloPoMo Day 15: No Words


Paris: Time to lift up our hearts

I grew up on a farm in the Bay of Plenty, on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. When I was 12, I began learning French at high school and fell in love with all things Francophone. Dreaming of what to do with my life always involved visiting France, especially Paris. I wanted more than just to be able to hold a clumsy conversation – I wanted to breathe it, smell it, and feel it. I wanted to live it with every inch of my soul. When I was 22 I got on a plane and flew to Paris and spent the better part of the next decade living there....more

4 Ways to Talk to a Child With Autism About Paris

The latest incident in France is bringing us all together as we have become a global village where the pain felt by millions is mirrored in the hearts and faces of its supporters across an ocean. The only thing harder than watching the destruction of innocent people is trying to explain to a child why someone would murder a person out of misplaced religious/political beliefs. Now try explaining that to a child with Autism....more
oKatniss That is why it is SO important we take these steps to get ahead of the fear which may ...more

Why I'm Not Offended by The OCD Target Sweater

By now you’ve all heard about the controversy that is the Target Christmas Sweater debacle of 2015. People have been up in arms about the offensive sweater that ostensibly makes light of a serious mental illness, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. And, it is a serious illness. I would know. I have it. I’ve had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for as long as I can remember, and although my memories in the womb are a little foggy, I’m pretty sure I had it back then, too. It’s brought me to crippling lows....more
I just googled the sweater, and well. I will say this, if people are offended by it, they are ...more

What It’s Like to Be Muslim When a Bunch Of Crazy Bastards Go Haywire.

Social media was flooded with news of France. Just like all Muslims around the world the first thing I thought of after saying a prayer for the victims and their families, please don’t let those bastards have Muslim names. Please don’t let them be brown or speak Arabic....more
NaturaleStellar You are absolutely right. We can't lump people together like that. I never ...more

Sorry is No Longer Enough

I’m one of those voters who used to be known as a “bleeding heart liberal.”  Despite the fact that the world’s gone insane, I am unable to harden my heart to the pain suffered by others here in the United States and around the world as the result of senseless tragedy.When I was young, it was the downing of Korean Airlines Flight 007.  Five years later, it was Pan Am Flight 003, known as the Lockerbie air disaster.  The former has been attributed to remnants of the Cold War, the latter to international terrorism....more

Missing in Action

It's so interesting to me that we seem to accept without question that the shooting, bombing and beheading going on in the world all seems to be done by men as if they were 99% of the population instead of 50%. Where is the other 50% and why aren't they maiming and murdering people?Is this just another case of women being kept out of the real action?...more

My Thoughts on University of Missouri, Yale, and Freedom of Speech

Ms. Grace Hwang Lynch on “”  wrote about First Amendment rights, press, and racial tension that is brewing at the University of Missouri and Yale.It made me think. A lot. I had been following those news with curiosity. Being a cynical person, I wondered if Yale is getting less news coverage because they are the Ivy League and they can sweep issues under the carpet easier....more

Tears For Paris

Lady Liberty sheds a tear for our allies in ParisOur hearts ache for ...more