Happy Halloween, Mateys!

Halloween is normally a day I can get behind--dress up, pumpkins and sweets! But this year, it's making me angsty....more

The Thin Line: Activism, Voyeurism, and Consuming Lives Online

The other day, my news feed was full of that story.  You know which one.  The story about the black girl who was brutally dragged from desk in a South Carolina high school classroom by a white uniformed police officer after refusing to get off her cell phone and leave the classroom. ...more

GOP Debate: More Government Isn't the Answer to the Women's Wage Gap

For the first time in the primary debates, a Republican presidential candidate fielded a question on the wage gap between men and women. The Wednesday night debate, moderated by CNBC at the University of Colorado, Boulder, took a brief departure from the incessant talking over one another to discuss how the compensation playing field might be leveled.Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas addressed the wage gap question thusly:...more

Today's Exchange Students . . . Tomorrow's Leaders

Originally published on my blog, The Exchange Mom....more

Refugee Crisis

Mike and I are constantly getting asked about the refugee crisis in Europe because we live in Turkey, which is the bridge for most refugees leaving the Middle East trying to get to Europe.  I think one news source labeled Izmir as the Life Jacket Capital of the World because they are selling so many life jackets to refugees....more

Protect Veterans by Funding the VA

It’s simple really. Fund the Veteran’s Administration so that they can hire more staff. More staff means more veterans will be seen. My husband received a letter recently from the Department of Defense saying that he could sign up for outside care if he wanted to do so. He already has that option given his disability rating, and he’s well aware of the compromise he makes if he uses it.Read more at... Stepping Aside...more

Family First: Why I'm One of 3 Moms Filming the Push For Paid Family Leave

Now that both Democrats and Republicans are talking about paid family leave, three women are making a documentary about the issue....more


I definitely will not agree with someone if, when I don’t immediately buy-in, I get “the face” I recently took my car in for an oil change, going to the place I usually go for oil changes and, as usually happened, the person who helping me recommended upgrading to a different oil.I said no thank you, as I usually do, and the young woman who suggested the upgraded oil made “the face.”...more

Should Schools Ban Ethnic Halloween Costumes?

Every Halloween, there are blog posts and memes begging people not to turn someone else’s culture into a costume. You know… the Indian squaw, the geisha, the terrorist, the pimp or “ho”… really, pretty much anything that portrays an entire group of people in a worn-out stereotype....more
The point is that the costumes provided by the costume shops are not accurate representations of ...more

Children and Guns: Not An Accident

My days usually consist of taking my boys to school, rushing to the office and, when I get the chance, checking the news. Sadly, this past summer was exceedingly cruel and our headlines were inundated with news of a seemingly endless stream of shootings: mass shootings, school shootings, random shootings and murder-suicide shootings....more
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