A Generation Desensitized to Gun Violence

Along with rest of the world on August 26th, I stared at my computer screen horror watching the final minutes of 24-year-old Alison Parker. The flooding of dread that washed over me while viewing the footage was not due to the graphic nature of the actual shooting. It was from knowing that when Parker woke that morning, she had no idea that instead of covering the news she would be an international headline story in the worst way possible. Her cameraman Adam Ward most likely had ambitions of capturing a newsworthy moment that would go national....more

I'm Sad for the Roanoke Victims, But I'm Also Sad for Bryce Williams

It has been a long, exhausting and sad week for Roanoke, VA, to say the very least. I met my spouse in Roanoke. Our daughter was born in Roanoke. Most of my friends and news/advertising/marketing colleagues still live and work in the Roanoke Region. I lived there for eight years and when I think about my time in Roanoke, it holds so many beautiful and fun memories and despite the horror that has occurred there this week, which is the way I will choose to remember it....more

Roanoke TV Shooting: Making Sense Out of the Senseless

Like the rest of the world, I was stunned by the news coming out of Virginia early Wednesday morning.The murder of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward was an unimaginable, senseless act of violence. Making it even more unimaginable was the fact that it happened live, on the air, before 7 a.m. for viewers and their horrified co-workers to see. Photographer Adam Ward and reporter Alison Parker, Image Credit: WDBJ...more

Ladies: A Gentle Reminder That You Do NOT Owe Anyone A Reason for Not Wanting to Engage with Them

Bye Felipe.   Straight White Boys Texting.  Tinder Nightmares.  OK Stupid.  Hey Sup Girl.  ...more

Charity Tuesday: Under the Same Sun

Charity Tuesday.On a Wednesday.Because yesterday was a teacher workshop day.And I didn’t plan ahead and schedule a post.So, we’re doing it today.But usually it will be on Tuesday.Just so we’re clear…Charity Tuesday.What day? TUESDAY. But instead we’re doing it today because of aforementioned reasons.Moving on....more

On Women’s Equality Day, We Celebrate Those Who Lead

It's Women's Equality Day! Find out what Rita Henley Jensen and Gloria Feldt are doing in New York to celebrate....more

Quick! What’s Happening August 26, Really?

If you said “Women’s Equality Day,” you’d be right.And if you said it’s the 95th anniversary of the date in 1920 when women’s right to vote officially entered the U.S. Constitution, you’d be spot on....more

The Impossible Dream – a Debt-Free Degree

As the current high school senior class prepares for college next year, they and their parents may be wishing they were citizens of another country – one in which college educations are free to any qualified student. The American university system, however, maintains its “pay-as-you-go” structure, and families everywhere are scrambling to come up with the money – mortgaging their homes, using credit cards, finding grants or that illusive scholarship, taking out loans. All of this means a mountain of debt by the time that Bachelor’s degree is conferred. And that’s just the beginning....more

Napa Wine Train: Laughing While Obnoxious

I wasn't going to say anything about the Napa Wine Train incident the took place yesterday, 23 August 2015, because I didn't want to give the ignorant bunch more time in the sun then they have already had and really, deserve.I heard about the incident through a friend of mine who found it on Facebook as a trending story and asked me if I heard about it, to which I said no. I went in Facebook but was unable to find the story for I was looking at FB via my phone. I told my friend and she sent me the link....more