I wear two hats: living as a breast cancer survivor and a researcher

As both a breast cancer survivor and a public health researcher, I have a two-pronged interest in new research findings pertaining to breast cancer. Wearing my public health hat, I’m interested in new findings that relate to improved (less toxic, more effective) treatments for breast cancer, and wearing my survivor/patient hat, I’m interested in seeing if my personal experiences (both good and bad) with breast cancer treatment are reflected in the research....more

What It Is Like Being Married to a Cop After Ferguson

I have always been one to review both sides of every story, and review as much information as possible, before deciding what I believe to be true. These days, the media is so filled with biased reporting that I am surprised anyone feels they are getting the "truth". Most recently I have realized this by flipping through various news stations reporting on the death of Michael Brown. Wedding rings, Image Credit: Shutterstock ...more
I know several police officers and know that their spouses do worry all the time.  Just a few ...more

Reporting Abuse via ATM-like Machines

Using an ATM is universally known as dispensing currency at any given time, but in India, ATM-like machines are being used to literally save lives.In India, women and girls are constantly subject to abuse, either physical, mental, or both. Women who are involved in these circumstances try to take matters into their own hands by reporting abuse to the police, but often, their complaints go unnoticed or ignored, until now....more

WARNING: We Are Being Watched as to How We Respond to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show

When you hear the words ‘Victoria Secret Fashion Show,’ what happens? Does your confidence slowly start to erode? Do you feel inspired after seeing the models strut the runway with the new lingerie? Or, maybe you cringe at the idea of hearing all the self body-shaming that occurs on social media the day before and after?The inevitable VS Fashion Show has come and gone. Taking into consideration the different emotions and thoughts we have, here are two important issues I believe we need to address....more

Admitting What I Think: About the Police, Eric Garner, and, Yes, Michael Brown

I spend a lot of time worrying about whether I should say what I want to. I spend a lot of time concerned with how other people will react. I don’t want to upset people, partially because I know what that feels like and, partially, because I am sometimes afraid of whether or not other people will react in an aggressive or hurtful way. ...more

Why Chris Christie is Officially a Douchebag

Welp.  It’s official.  ...more

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? -- Who guards the guards themselves?...more

Ending Misogynistic Killing Forever: The Legacy of the Montreal Massacre

Feminists are so often accused of being sexist, as if fighting for our rights and safety is somehow taking something away from men. And a good amount of the time in 2014, it’s fairly easy to ignore statements that insist that we’re somehow being “misandrist” towards men by talking about issues that affect us daily. But when another woman is killed by a man, the conversation turns from being annoying to being necessary....more

Why I’m not angry over recent “racial” injustices.

Ferguson and the chokehold victim have been clogging my page for an inordinate amount of time. People are referring to slavery and racism and pointing the finger at those close-minded, judgmental, hateful, prejudiced white people. (No, no, that’s not a prejudiced statement at all.) People are hatefully spouting their opinions from both sides, demanding to be heard, demanding justice for crimes they likely barely understand. It’s exhausting....more