Overturning DOMA Changes Nothing in My State

[Editor's Note: While many people are celebrating the Supreme Court's overturn of the Defense of Marriage Act, the ruling doesn't actually make a difference in states where gay marriage is not legal. BlogHer Late Enough lives in one of those states, and shares a bit of her thoughts here. --Grace]...more

RIP James Gandolfini: A Jersey Girl Pays Tribute

Editor's note: The sudden death of Sopranos actor James Gandolfini in Italy yesterday prompted outpourings across social media. I really loved Theresa's memories of her fellow New Jersey native, an actor she considered one of her own. -- Julie ...more
He will be so missed. I loved him in Sopranos.more

Six Months After Newtown: Can We Prevent the Panicked Race to School?

[Editor's Note: It's been six months since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and still no change in national gun control laws. Erin Kotecki Vest at Queen of Spain recently rushed to evacuate her kids from school -- because of a wildfire. But she thinks about the parents who rushed to school last December and urges us to talk to our Congresspersons. --Grace]...more
Go ahead & tell the parents in Chicago how well a Gun Ban is working. "States with looser gun ...more

Working Moms Didn't Ruin Education

[Editor's Note: On Tuesday, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant commented that America's schools became mediocre when mothers started entering the workforce. As you can imagine, a lot of women don't agree. Michelle at Balancing Jane is one of those women who disagrees with Bryant -- and she's also a Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric. Here's a little of what Michelle says. --Grace]...more
AMEN! Thank you for a well researched and thought out look at the subject. We should be ...more

Michelle Obama Gets Heckled -- That Doesn't Make Her an "Angry Black Woman"

[Editor's Note: First Lady Michelle Obama was interrupted by a protester for LGBT rights at a private fundraiser Tuesday night, and according to the Huffington Post, she stopped her speech and told the heckler to stop or she would leave. Michelle Obama and #FLOTUS were trending on Twitter, with reactions divided between applause and criticism....more
I am happy Michelle said what she said, and I would have taken it a step further and announced ...more

Is Cheerios Force-Feeding Us a Multicultural Agenda?

A new Cheerios commercial is upsetting a lot of people on the Internet. In the ad, a cute, curly-haired toddler walks up to her mother and asks if Cheerios are good for the heart. Cut to the next scene, and we see the father dozing on the couch with a pile of cereal on his chest. Aww, right? Not to some people on Reddit, where a thread about the commercial has generated over 1000 heated comments. Why?...more
What is the reality of America race?    I will not start this conversation by addressing the ...more

Why the Working Families Flexibility Act Won't Work

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed the Working Families Flexibilities Act, a bill supported heavily by Republicans, who claim the act will help employees -- particularly working mothers -- find better work-life balance. But not everyone agrees....more
It is only a good idea if YOU get to choose how you take the time and a half, and only if you ...more

White Dad Accused of Kidnapping His Own Bi-Racial Kids

The race blogging world has been abuzz over the case of a Virginia man accused of kidnapping his own children. The father, who is white, was seen leaving a Walmart store with his three daughters who are bi-racial (their mother is black). The clue that tipped off security? A customer reported that the dad and his children "just don't match up"....more
@Momofacrew I live in Richmond, VA and I totally agree {as sad as it is}.more

New Jersey High School Students Create a White Girl Club

If high schools can have a French Club, Spanish Club and a Math Club, why can't they have a... White Girls Club? A group of students in Franklin, New Jersey did just that. A local newspaper reports that members posted racially insensitive comments and photos on social media, and have now been ordered to go to counseling....more
I read two and closed it really quickly. I couldn't handle any more than that. - Denisemore

Hillary Clinton in 2016? Poll Shows Voters Ready for a Woman

[Editor's Note: Will she or won't she? While we may be still guessing if HIllary Clinton has decided make a run for the White House in 2016, it seems that voters have made up their minds. A new poll shows that the overwhelming majority of people in battleground states would consider a woman president. EMILY's List, which released this poll, has already started a campaign called Madam President, with the goal of helping elect a woman to the presidency....more