Sexism and the Petraeus Scandal

[Editor's note: One of the fascinating aspects of the David Petraeus sex scandal that evolved over the past month is not so much the revelation that he cheated on his wife, Holly, with a much younger woman. (Though I do think the general is a scumbag for doing so. For that matter, I have no idea what Gen. ...more
My question is: Why is the GOP obsessed with ...more

Why Petraeus Had to Go

[Editor's Note: The intrigue keeps swirling around the reported affair between CIA Director David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, the author of his biography All In (I can hear you snickering, by the way). BlogHer Gloria Feldt writes that powerful men having affairs is nothing new and is in some ways their own personal business. But she says that prudishness is not the reason why Petraeus needed to step down from his position. Read on to find out the three reasons why. --Grace]...more
It has been interesting to have another public figure involved in an affair.  I have been the ...more

What’s the Most Important Presidential Debate Question?

[Editor's Note: Are you planning to watch the Presidential Debates in October? The first one starts next week, on Wednesday, October 3. Gloria Feldt of Heartfeldt calls it "required watching for all voters". If you had a chance to ask questions to President Obama or Mitt Romney, what would you want to know? Here's what Gloria suggests. --Grace] ...more
 global warming? are you for real?  @ekaplan more

Mitt Romney Addresses Latino Voters on Univision

[Editor's Note: While the Presidential debates don't begin until October, Spanish language network Univision is getting things started by inviting both candidates to televised town hall meetings. GOP candidate Mitt Romney went first, and Fausta's Blog thinks these events are a good preview of the debates: --Grace] ...more
Doesn't anyone find it interesting that he just now decides to be interested in Hispanics? ...more

Should A Professor Have Breastfed her Sick Baby in Class?

A professor walks into class with her baby — the baby was sick and couldn’t go to daycare. Because it was the first day of class--an intro to "Sex, Gender, and Culture"--Adrienne Pine didn’t want to cancel. So she brought her baby along. ...more
Oh, please. Those kids need to grow up. I would hope that in 4 years, when this class is ready ...more

The Hello Ladies Guide to Sexism in Politics (revisited)

Clearly it’s time to revisit The Hello Ladies Guide to Sexism in Politics. Recently, in a story about whether Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan would run for governor, a reporter for the Chicago Sun Times wrote, “Madigan and her husband, Pat Byrnes, have two young children, ages 7 and 4. She was asked whether she could serve as governor and still raise her kids the way she wants to.” ...more

After the Sikh Temple Shooting: Can We Talk About Guns Now?

[Editor's Note: On Sunday morning, a white man opened fire at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, killing six people before he was killed by police. This is less than three weeks after another gunman killed 12 in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater. Zuzu at Feministe asks, aren't these two tragedies enough to start a conversation about guns? --Grace] ...more
@BlogHer I'm with you, but will trust that the Universe takes care of her own!more

It's Ramadan 2012!

[Editor's Note: Ramadan began at sundown on Thursday. In case you're not familiar with it, the holiday marks the time that Muslims believe God sent revelation from the Qu'ran to Mohammed. For modern-day Muslims, it's a time of fasting and self-reflection. Sabrina Enayatulla writes about her personal journey on Slice of Lemon. I’m super excited and super nervous about Ramadan this year. I set some of the biggest Ramadan goals I’ve ever set for myself and I’ve been mentally walking through this month for weeks now....more

Is Education Reporting Failing?

[Editor's Note: How much do you REALLY know about the state of our public schools? Even in discussions with educated, concerned parents, I find that many people have only vague ideas of what's going on with our educational system and what needs to be done. Susan at Over the Edge writes that when it comes to education coverage, most media outlets aren't doing enough to investigate. What do you think? --Grace] ...more

Feminists Should Stop Trying to Make Everyone Feel Good

Feminism + Housewifery ...more