How SCOTUS Ruling on Arizona Law Could Hurt Domestic Violence Victims

[Editor's Note: The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the controversial "Show Me Your Papers" clause of Arizona’s immigration law disappointed women’s advocates. Women's eNews explains how this one part of the law could still prevent immigrant women from seeking help for domestic violence. --Grace] ...more
Thank you for bringing up this important issue. Barbaramore

Adidas Pulls Racist Shackle Shoes

[Editor's Note: OMG. Did you see that Adidas announced a new sneaker -- the JS Roundhouse Mids -- that come complete with ANKLE SHACKLES ? The unveiling prompted outcry on the brand's Facebook page and Reverend Jesse Jackson issued a statement calling the shoes "offensive, appalling and insensitive". The company has now stopped production and cancelled plans to sell the shoes. ...more
My mouth popped open when I saw the picture of these shoes this morning. My mind absolutely went ...more

Rodney King Found Dead of Apparent Drowning at 47

[Editor's Note: Rodney King was found dead on Sunday, apparently drowned in his backyard pool. Twenty years ago, the acquittal of white police officers caught on tape beating King sparked days of unrest in south central Los Angeles. Today, the LAPD is opening an investigation into his death....more
I always feel that the most important thing about Rodney King that during the horrific LA riots, ...more

I Remember Being Held Down By a Gang. Why Can't Romney Remember?

[Editor's Note: Recent allegations that Mitt Romney and his gang of friends bullied a gay classmate by pinning him down and chopping off his hair have sparked memories of being bullied for BlogHer Erin Kotecki Vest. While Erin acknowledges that most people are not the same as they were during their high school days, she finds it troubling if Romney truly cannot remember that incident....more
It's my understanding the man is now deceased. And it seemed to matter because it made him ...more

I Am Equal, I Am Confident, and I Am Not A Special Interest Group!

[Editor's note: I hate to bring up the war on women again, but it appears that many women are still ticked off at the various and irritating ways politicians are talking about us. Alicia Higgison, a mom of three daughters who blogs at Life with Ladies is one of them. And her terrific post Not on My Watch on women's equality should be a must-read in Washington.-Mona] ...more
!!! FAN.TAS.TIC !!! more

Maher: As Misogynist as Limbaugh and as Free to Be Vile

Editor's Note: The Cute Conservative shared a video released last week by ShePAC which contrasts the comments in the media and by politicians on the misogynist language by Rush Limbaugh with that on the misogynist language of comedian and Obama supporter Bill Maher. Here's what she has to say. -- Julie...more
Liberal men are's only factual.more

Does Arizona Really Need a White People Day?

[Editor's Note: As if it weren't already clear how racially charged Arizona politics is getting, a State Representative is suggesting there ought to be a holiday to celebrate the achievements of Caucasians. Or was he just joking? Cecil Ash (R-Mesa) made that comment during a heated debate over the proposal to create a Latino American Day in the state, then backtracked during a interview with a local CBS television station, saying he was just trying to lighten the mood....more
@BlogHer - Keeping fingers crossed!more

Why I Agree With Mitt Romney About "The Very Poor"

Editor's note: In a CNN interview last Wednesday, Mitt Romney told Soledad O'Brien, "I'm not concerned about the very poor." The soundbite, as the New York Times put it, quickly "richocheted" through the media, and was used in an ad made by th ...more
I think if you were in the 15% of Americans truly struggling, who are in desperate need of help, ...more

Catholic Colleges Vow to Prevent Women from Getting Birth Control

[Editor's note: What if you were in college and couldn't get birth control? Sounds implausible, crazy even, doesn't it? I hate to tell you this, but as Jill Filipovic at Feministe reveals, Catholic schools are rebelling against the new health care law requiring them to cover birth control with an outrageous new tactic--by refusing to prescribe it. --Mona] She writes: ...more
I am catholic and I believe this is without a doubt WRONG! more

Perry Drops Out, Endorses Gingrich, Who's Fighting "Open Marriage" Claims

Editor's Note: Today, GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry dropped out of the primary race, endorsing Newt Gingrich. Meanwhile, Gingrich's ex-wife, Marianne, told ABC News and the Washington Post today that he asked her for an open marriage in order to continue seeing his now-wife, Callista. ...more
I feel Eileen's opinion she wrote is pretty classless. She slams him for quitting the race, ...more