With Huntsman Out, a Void in the GOP Race

[Editor's Note: Saying, "This race has degenerated into an onslaught of negative and personal attacks not worthy of the American people and not worthy of this critical time in our nation's history," Jon Huntsman dropped out of the Republican presidential race yesterday, endorsing Mitt Romney. At the Latino Politics Blog, Adriana contrasts Huntsman's position on immigration, which she describes as having "moderation and nuance," with those of the rest of the candidates. ...more
I agree. I've always maintained Huntsman was the ONLY grownup every present in the debates, and ...more

How to Fight Human Trafficking When You Can’t Do Anything

[Editor's Note: January 11 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Maybe you've heard about the estimated 27 million of people -- many women and girls from Asia and Africa -- being treated like property in forced labor or prostitution. Then again, modern-day slavery may seem like too big of a problem for you to attempt to solve, what with your own life and family. ...more
And signing petitions and going walks, protests and candlelight vigils like Amnesty ...more

The Stop Online Piracy Act: "The End of the Internet?"

[Editor's note: The Stop Online Piracy Act currently in Congress has got Facebook and Google and a lot of bloggers alarmed. Janice spells out why she thinks this legislation "sent a chill down the spine of all of us who pay attention to these things." Are you following it? Do you agree? -- Julie] ...more
first I've heard of it too! who's going to pay to make sure something like this is enacted? we ...more

A Tribute to Joaquin Luna

[Editor's note: In late November, 18-year-old undocumented Texas resident Joaquin Luna ended his life. Jose Antonio Vargas reports that letters he left behind revealed his pain over his immigration status, and that his brother said he was "counting on the passage of the federal DREAM Act, which would provide a path to legalization to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as minor." Fellow DREAMer Thailandia Alafitta wrote a moving tribute on Latino Politics blog. ...more

Join in the 100 Wishes Quilt for an Adopted Chinese Girl

[Editor's Note: I love how BlogHer Nancy at Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 8 incorporates the cultures of her internationally adopted children into their family's life. She has a section on her blog dedicated to recreating authentic Vietnamese food. And now, as they await the adoption of a baby girl from China, Nancy is asking for help in creating a traditional Chinese 100 Wishes Quilt to welcome their new daughter. Read on to find out more and learn how you can help. --Grace] ...more
Such a great idea.more

What It's Really Like to Be Called the N-Word

[Editor's Note: From the ladies at The View to Slutwalk, there's been a lot of debate lately about who can say the N-word and why. What's troublesome is that some people seem to want to use it mainly for shock value or to assert their own rights of free speech. (I choose not to use it.) That's why Karnythia's post about being bullied -- by a police officer -- with this racial epithet  as a child is so powerful. This is the power a word can have on a person. --Grace] ...more

Hispanic Heritage Month: The Diversity of Latino Roots

[Editor's Note: September 15 - October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. But even within the Latino community, there is a tremendous diversity of heritages and subcultures. Seneca, a contributor to the Latino Politics Blog, does a great job of explaining the varied roots of Latino immigrants. --Grace] For Hispanic Heritage Month: Seneca’s Notes on Latino Roots ...more

Why I Like Both Elizabeth Warren AND Paul Ryan

[Editor's Note: We are a nation built on individual principles and choices. That's why I love it when Anne at Public Policy Blogger voiced her support of Massachusetts senatorial candidate (and United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Special Advisor) Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, as well as Republican Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan -- and shared video to show how they're "not-so-strange bedfellows." -- Julie] ...more

Sophie's Choice -- It's Not Fiction in Africa

[Editor's Note: Perhaps you've heard about the devastating famine in the Horn of Africa. But do you know how dire it really is? That it's not unheard of for a mother to leave one child dying on the side of the road, in an attempt to get herself and her other children to a refugee camp? Katie Loud puts First World Parenting Dilemmas in perspective on Zelda Lily. --Grace] ...more
I cant imagine the agony. Sheer agony. Definitely puts things into perspective. I don't feel so ...more

Sexism in Politics: A Guide

Editor's Note: Hello Ladies broke down what they're seeing in the political discourse into Overt, Subtle, Blink-and-You-Miss It types of sexism. Read the full post and tell me if you agree. -- Julie]...more
worthy discussionmore