The Politics of Bullying and The Bullies of Politics

Another day, another case of presidential hopeful Donald Trump acting like a big, mean bully. What would morning be without scanning the iPad at 5am to discover whom he had mocked the previous evening? Will it be a woman he doesn't think is attractive enough to run for president? Or perhaps it will be a woman who questioned the many times he’d bullied other women? Or maybe, once in a while (like this morning,) you awaken to learn he’d actually bullied a man with a disability?...more

Why is there still a stigma against being on the dole?

I will admit it. During a long period of unemployment, I have received job seekers allowance. I received fifty pounds a week to sit about in my Sesame Street pajamas and apply for increasingly crappier sounding jobs, with my only company being the Loose Women panel. I had to fill in a little paper booklet where I diligently recorded details of the jobs that I applied for. I felt isolated from the world; socially excluded. My days and my actions felt tiny and insignificant, to the point that they blended into one....more
J-MOM Thank you for your comment. I completely agree. It seems as if it's just much easier to ...more

Political Rantings Regarding Refugees

Before I started my blog Not Standing Still's Disease, I used to write a more general blog. Since I was working on my undergraduate degree in religious studies, history, and politics at the time, I wrote a lot about the intersection of those areas. I try really hard to not get into those subjects here, because I know how separating they can be. Trust me - it's a part of why I have no relationship with my mother. ...more

Women Must Have Equal Access to Technology

Technology is empowering women and girls around the world to improve their lives and their communities. Just ask the female vegetable seller in Tanzania who now uses a popular mobile service to store and transfer money using just her cell phone—protecting her business savings from theft and increasing her control over spending. The Internet and mobile phones can dramatically increase a woman’s access to information and opportunity through access to online education platforms, job opportunities, e-banking, mobile health applications and expanded social networks....more
"... shocking absence of women in STEM careers portrayed in American television and film.,, out ...more

Refugees Welcomed at My Thanksgiving Table

My family has been in America for a long time, but someone's newness or refugee status doesn't bother me....more
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Carly Fiorina's Cancer Battle Makes Me Confident She Can Heal Washington

Dial back the clock to 2009, when I heard my doctor tell me that I had head and neck cancer. The diagnosis was brutal. "It's aggressive, and without surgery you have less than a year. Surgery may save your life, but it will significantly and permanently impact your ability to speak, swallow and eat."...more
As a three time cancer survivor I can honestly write not a snowball's chance in hell. Having ...more

The Fall of Islam

While on a recent panel, an Imam (Muslim religious leader) sharing the stage made the comment that the persecution of Jesus was the fall of Judaism, the Spanish Inquisition was the fall of Christianity, and ISIS/ISIL/Da’esh will be the fall of Islam.That got me thinking. It is a very interesting comment. The “fall” he referred to was not the extinction of the religion, or even the curtailing of its numbers, but rather a power check following a reflection of values....more

Donald Trump is a narcissist, but he already knew that.

Jessica  ...more

The Boat is Getting Crowded

Within days after the Paris attacks, I saw a Facebook post from a fellow lawyer that said, “Why are illegals such bad drivers?”  I responded, “You can tell status from behind the wheel?”...more

Open Carry and Florida Family Vacations? No, Thank You

The Sunshine State may soon be far less family friendly. Florida state lawmakers are considering giving gun owners with concealed carry permits the right to openly carry their firearms in public places, even allowing them to hold their guns in their hands as they walk around....more
Agreed. I'd rather know someone is carrying than not know. And from what I read, they're ...more