Why don't black people have it together?

It's the question on every white person's mind. I mean, predominately black neighborhoods still have lower employment rates and higher crime rates than predominately white ones, even though slavery has been long abolished. So what is the problem here? ...more

Will National Park History Repeat Itself?

Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir began the Environmental Movement in 1903.Now, imagine this scene with Barack Obama and Aaron Mair....more

Reacting to Baltimore: Sweeping generalizations vs. sweeping degeneralizations

This is another opinion piece addressing white commentary on Baltimore. For more, visit my blog at unsettledvoyage.blogspot.com...more

Reacting to Baltimore: Do you really need a pretty please?

This is an opinion piece on white reactions to Baltimore....more

Photo: Drama

The old reflected in the new. Completed in 1905, the James R. Browning United States Courthouse reflected in the windows of the modern San Francisco Federal building, completed in 2007....more

New York Women's Foundation Celebrates #BlackLivesMatter Activists

I recently had the pleasure of attending the New York Women's Foundation 28th annual Celebrating Women breakfast in Times Square, New York City. This year's honorees were: Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, founders of #BlackLivesMatter; Catherine Gund, documentary filmmaker and social justice activist; and Roberta Kaplan, Supreme Court litigator. ...more
YES! @feministajones thank you -- the founders of #BlackLivesMatter are extraordinary leaders. I ...more


It is difficult to write passionately about a cause, regardless of how much it might mean to you, when you cannot honestly write about it in the first person....more

My Newest Mommy Blog - Mommy Politics

Hello!I am so excited to start my very first political blog. You won't find perfect prose or outstanding investigative reporting here, only my own musings from a mama in Kentucky....more
Looking forward to reading your posts!more

Restoring Dignity: Women Mobilize Relief Efforts in Nepal

UN Women and partner organizations are working to prevent violence against women and children, with dignity kits being distributed in many districts affected by the earthquake. ...more

Love, Friendship, Patriotism ... Why I'm an Immigration Ally

In 1997, at age 32, I felt like Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in that movie The Internship, only instead of interning at Google, I was interning just down the road from Google at a weekly newspaper called the Mountain View Voice. Frustrated by the teaching market in California at the time, I decided to take a year off from substitute teaching and endless job applications to try something I'd always wanted to do: journalism....more