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So I know most of us watch the news and see all those future running contenders for President. It was reported it is 18 months until election and a new President takes over. Which means our life will be saturated with political  ads and lots of Donald Trump.  I personally think on a business side he is smart but his mouth overloads his big behind....more

Is Donald Trump Conspiring to Elect Hillary?

Donald Trump. He gives no fucks. He apologizes for nothing and backs down for no one. America loves to hate him, and stupider, crazier shit flies out of his mouth daily. He's now insulted Mexicans, war heroes, veterans, and most Republicans. The Des Moines register has called for him to "pull the plug on his side show", and many think he is making a mockery of the presidential election. ...more
Stephanie - I agree. There is a long time before the election and a lot can happen. However, the ...more

Strong people stand up for themselves but stronger people stand up for others

Assuming that most of you have children and if not, you have a mother. If not, you have a father, an aunt, a niece or someone really close to you that you love a great deal and would like to see thrive in life. If you have none of the above, you have yourself, whom you love. If the latter is not true, please stop reading here because dead people will not understand the point I am trying to make....more

Why Hillary Is the Candidate Who Understands Women's Economic Issues

Seems like not a day goes by that somebody or other doesn't crawl out of the woodwork with an announcement about their candidacy for President in the 2016 election. For the most part, there's not a lot of diversity on the ballot - it's mostly older white men.  (Or as we say inside the Beltway, pale, stale and male.)  So far, 10%  of the candidates are women: Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina.  That's something... I suppose. ...more
ChristineNewbold I am all for Bernie Sanders!  He is so much more authentic than Hillary ...more

Vimy: Canada Can (And Should) Do Better

I was quite taken by Tristin Hopper's column about how disappointing the Vimy memorial tour experience is. I remembered my husband saying something about that when he came back from shooting his documentary about the 100th anniversary of the First World War last year. Turns out that he'd shot a short, cranky rant on precisely that topic....more

Why I'm Absolutely, 100% for Hillary Clinton

I've been watching as former Hillary supporters fall deeper and deeper in love with Bernie Sanders. Every day, there are new Bernie Sanders memes on Facebook, one friend after another sharing the latest capsule summary of his great ideas. Unlike other 'five things you need to know to live your life better every day' lists, the Bernie Sanders' lists have all my favorite things with proper spelling and syntax....more
I'm a woman, but Hillary doesn't look like me...... Her years with Bill have certainly shown on ...more

Powerful acting from debut actress Anna Dauzvardis in one-woman show "Liberty City"

Anna Dauzvardis as 'April' in Liberty City/image courtesy of eta Creative Arts Foundation Harlem. Watts. Tulsa. Ferguson. Birmingham. Chicago. Detroit. Selma....more

An Open Letter to Ted Cruz

 Dear Ted Cruz,...more
antiobamunist Okay, I'm an educator by trade, so I can't NOT address the staggering amount of ...more

Do Not Judge a Country by Its Politicians

Picture courtesy of NASAWe live on a beautiful planet. With all its diversity and variety, our Earth is amazing as a whole. Just imagine it being torn to bits for each piece to float, separately, in space. Not so pretty, huh? Yet this picture is as real as it could get. We are doing exactly what I have described. The modern world is full of conflicts between countries, caused by political differences and problems. Once again, POLITICAL differences and problems. Notice the word in caps? I cannot stress it enough. Somehow, the hatred, initiated by politicians towards each other, is slowly spreading across the whole population....more