The Art of Talking Politics

Last weekend my mom and I popped by the AGO to check out the (awesome) Alex Colville exhibit. While we were there, we wandered into the art and politics wing of the gallery, a place where my mom could pretty much be an installation, as it was the intersection of two of her greatest passions....more

What It Is Like Being Married to a Cop After Ferguson

I have always been one to review both sides of every story, and review as much information as possible, before deciding what I believe to be true. These days, the media is so filled with biased reporting that I am surprised anyone feels they are getting the "truth". Most recently I have realized this by flipping through various news stations reporting on the death of Michael Brown. Wedding rings, Image Credit: Shutterstock ...more
I know several police officers and know that their spouses do worry all the time.  Just a few ...more

First Nations Culture and Why It Still Matters

I have been asked "Why is First Nations culture is still relevant in modern society?" ...more

Why Chris Christie is Officially a Douchebag

Welp.  It’s official.  ...more

Is Your Math Anxiety Hampering Your Child?

Your child comes home with math homework, that awful Common Core math homework no less. He needs help. The method being demonstrated is different from what you learned. How do you react? ...more
That's what I usually hear, too, that either a person loves or hates math! Now that my son is ...more

Black Lives Matter: Which Side of History Will YOU Be On?

Hey, folks. You know something?  When people of all ages, races and backgrounds across the country come together to protest something, over and over again, it pretty much 100% means there’s a very real issue at stake.  ...more
allison.arnone I agree!  It's almost impossible to fathom.  It's certainly told me a lot about ...more

Kaci Hickox sick of being called 'the Ebola nurse'

Kaci Hickox did not seek the limelight or ask for public attention, yet her name is now well known as she was subjected to a barrage of unwanted media interest. The unassuming Maine nurse may well have welcomed attention highlighting the desperate plight of Ebola victims in West Africa. Instead she became the news story and was labeled 'the Ebola nurse.' ...more

Times Are A'Changin' - or Are They?

Here is a quote about the state of our youth. Can you guess who said it?...more

Use Your Words

I didn't sleep well last night, perhaps it was the wind, or maybe it was the atrocities on TV. Maybe I don't know where I fit in the conversation.  I'm not black and I'm not white, I sit in between... I lived near Harlem during 911, I live in an upper middle class suburb now.  I'm a Sikh, a minority religion in India.  My friends and relatives with turbans have had a hell of a time, existing......more

Newtown and the deep problem of gun rights (#NaBloPoMo Day 22)

A few days ago, a fellow NaBloPoMo participant urged fellow bloggers to speak up for common sense gun regulations. As a Canadian, an observation I make is that a major part of the problem is that gun advocates think that their position also qualifies as “common sense”....more
JoePotosky First, wouldn't have stated I was Canadian at the outset if I didn't know I have no ...more