Overturning DOMA Changes Nothing in My State

[Editor's Note: While many people are celebrating the Supreme Court's overturn of the Defense of Marriage Act, the ruling doesn't actually make a difference in states where gay marriage is not legal. BlogHer Late Enough lives in one of those states, and shares a bit of her thoughts here. --Grace]...more

Six Months After Newtown: Can We Prevent the Panicked Race to School?

[Editor's Note: It's been six months since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and still no change in national gun control laws. Erin Kotecki Vest at Queen of Spain recently rushed to evacuate her kids from school -- because of a wildfire. But she thinks about the parents who rushed to school last December and urges us to talk to our Congresspersons. --Grace]...more
Go ahead & tell the parents in Chicago how well a Gun Ban is working. "States with looser gun ...more

Hillary Clinton in 2016? Poll Shows Voters Ready for a Woman

[Editor's Note: Will she or won't she? While we may be still guessing if HIllary Clinton has decided make a run for the White House in 2016, it seems that voters have made up their minds. A new poll shows that the overwhelming majority of people in battleground states would consider a woman president. EMILY's List, which released this poll, has already started a campaign called Madam President, with the goal of helping elect a woman to the presidency....more

The Bushes are Just Regular People Like You and Me

The dedication of the George W. Bush Library last week was interesting, as there were five living presidents together -- both Republican and Democrat. BlogHer Just Jess in ATX attended the dedication in Dallas. She has an interesting perspective as a native Texan, the granddaughter of a JFK Democrat... and a proud Republican. Here's part of her observations:...more
Well said, I can't image how hard it is to be celebrity/political figure/ etc and be judged ...more

Why Sarah Palin Matters

Can Sarah Palin make a political comeback? She took to the stage at CPAC last week, complete with librarian glasses, big hair... and a Big Gulp. Palin went Mama Grizzly on liberals such as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as conservative operative Karl Rove. While the former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate has stayed away from seeking office since the 2008 election, her recent parting of ways with Fox News has people wondering if she has her sights set on higher office again-- or whether she's just no longer relevant....more
If you think that Palin is all froth and no substance, I challenge you to read her book, "Going ...more

What Can We Learn About Gay Marriage From Sweden?

[Editor's Note: As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to weigh the legality of same-sex marriage, we might want to look across the ocean at Sweden, where gay marriage was legalized several years ago. BlogHer Surviving Life in Sweden takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how society could be affected if gay and lesbian couples are allowed to marry. --Grace]...more

Trying to Talk to People During a Tweetstorm

Generally we think of a Tweet going viral as a good thing, but A Mommy Story found out that the reaction you get from your followers (who know you) is very different from the reaction you might get from the general world (who don't know you). It's an eye-opening post about how our words may be taken by those who are reading us out of context as well as how words can travel well beyond our circle of followers. ...more

Mitt Romney Addresses Latino Voters on Univision

[Editor's Note: While the Presidential debates don't begin until October, Spanish language network Univision is getting things started by inviting both candidates to televised town hall meetings. GOP candidate Mitt Romney went first, and Fausta's Blog thinks these events are a good preview of the debates: --Grace] ...more
Doesn't anyone find it interesting that he just now decides to be interested in Hispanics? ...more

Dear GOP: President Obama is Not "Bad Boyfriend"

[Editor's Note: Have you seen this ad produced by the Republican National Committee? BlogHer Nordette Adams calls it the "Break up with your boyfriend Obama ad", playing on the President's charisma. But Nordette explains at her blog Whose shoes are these anyway? that she finds this comparison both sly and condescending. --Grace]...more

Veepstakes: Would Condoleeza Rice Balance Romney?

[Editor's Note: Last Thursday, the Drudge Report created quite a stir by posting that Condoleeza Rice was a front-runner for the Republican vice-presidential candidate. The rumor runs contrary to most pundits' speculation about Mitt Romney's choice of running mate. Gloria Feldt writes at Heartfeldt that perhaps this is just a well-timed distraction. What do you think? --Grace] ...more
I am certain that Romney will meet victory but the "right" VP could insure that....I would love ...more