Is It Ok to Pluck Eyelashes?

Fashion has seen the weirdest of trends of its time. We now live in the era where people are more experimental and open about fashion statements, be it unusual piercings, unusual tattoos or body art. There was a time when all the question were about how to get long and thick eyelashes, but now things have changed and people...more

Tracy Takes the Theater

This post was originally published on the popular humor blog, Tracy on the the Rocks

My New Favorite Lip Color Product EVER

I’m not really a lipstick person.I mean, I love the look of lipstick in photographs, but in real life I’m more of a Chapstick or Carmex kinda girl. I’ve actually been known to wake up in the middle of the night, slop some Carmex on my lips and then go back to sleep. I’m kinda hardcore like that....more

My Summer Favorites

During the summer, I like my beauty routine to be simple. I will do the minimum required to not look too tired and carry on with my day. Here are my favorite products for this season:...more

8 Fall Drugstore Lipsticks

Today's pick (lookbook and makeup)

Outfit feat:Jacket: Think about (Korean store)Top: French ConnectionPants: ForeverNewShoes: Wittner...more

BENEFIT – Boi-ing Concealer

.... It is presented in a small pot container, and has a creamy consistency. However, it is not oily when you apply it, it has more of a talc like feeling to it.I have a combination skin, and some parts of my skin tend to be dry. I always apply moisturizer after washing my face and before applying make-up.... More...more

Lip Tip! Protect your pout while Preserving color all day.

It seems like in every beauty, health, anti-aging, fashion or skin magazine or blog, the number one tip offered is SPF.  SPF in the morning, on your face, on your neck, in your foundation, on your hands, in your self-tanner, in your BB, CC creams, in your hair products.  This is a beauty, health breakthrough, and our generation is blessed to have discovered the health benefits of skin protection....more