Recent Spring/Summer Empties

 Time to Empty out my beauty recycling! Here we go... John Freida Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray-Love this stuff-most moisturizing and refreshing salt spray around. Love to pair with It’s a 10 Leavin in Conditioning Spray for reduced spray.  ...more

Let's Talk Makeup and Perfect365 App

How do you like your makeup?  I personally like someone else to do my makeup.  Of course I can do my makeup but for photo shoots or an event I will have my freelance makeup artist work her magic.If you aren’t one of those magicians.  Prep your face and hit aSephora and ask for the eye express.  I usually purchase the $10 fake eyelashes and one of their magicians will put them on.  They will also create the eye of your dreams and send you on your way.  Perfect? Sure....more

5 Beauty Tips For The Summer

The summer is a time where many people like to flaunt it all. The elements tend to make this difficult for many women as makeup runs and the heat is too much to take. Each season has its challenges when it comes to looking your best. The following are beauty tips to use during the summer and warm times of the year....more

5 Multitasking BB Creams With SPF for Summer

What is a BB cream? The double B's stand for "beauty balm." These tinted wonders combine moisturizing, anti-aging treatment, and acne deterrents with a sheer (but often self-adjusting) almost-base for your skin. They lie between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation. Some BB creams have great SPF, which will make your skin look healthier and younger longer, too. Meet a few fab BB creams that might become your face's BFF this summer. ...more