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At What Age Should You Consider Cosmetic Surgery? By Karen Norris

Gosh! I'm going to need an over fifty account and start saving! I think it might be easier on my ...more

Rachel Knows... Ear Piercing!

Sooooooooooo... I got my ears pierced. This is only, oh, about the 7th time I've gotten it done. No, I don't have multiple piercings. I have one in each ear....more

Looking Great: Women on the Go...


Fab Friday Finds: Lips, Hips, & Whips

In my reader survey recently, a number of respondents expressed a desire to see more product reviews and more posts about things and experiences I enjoy.  So, today, we kick off the first of what I hope will be regular blog posts about things I come across that make me smile.  It'll be called "Fab Friday Finds." Lips ...more

Moroccan Oil and Keratin Treatments: You don't Have to Spend a Fortune to have Great Hair

As many of you may know, hair styles and treatments "fads" come and go. In the 80's it was Teasing and Perms, in the 90's it was "The Rachel" and bleach, then came the stark contrast highlights, and finally we have come into an age of hair that is sleek, timeless, and not something we will look back on 20 years from now and go what the hell was that?! But achieving great hair can cost a fortune. A trip to the salon costing in excess of $100 is no longer a shock. Dropping $25 on a bottle of hair product is considered "the norm"....more
Thanks for this! Ive been using Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner my stylist told me to use ...more

5 (Skin & Hair) Beauty Tips From My Grandma

My grandmother was a wise woman. Her name was Eva. She only achieved a 4th grade education and rarely left the corners of her own home but she could cook the most magnificent Caribbean dishes you would ever hope to taste and had a wealth of knowledge about home[opatic] remedies that rivaled any wellness expert today. ...more

Glitter Gradient

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HOW TO: Half Moon Manicure

Happy Manicure Monday!Here's an easy peasy visual nail art manicure tutorial anyone can do.  All ya need are some office supplies.  No really - office supplies. Forget all those expensive tapes at the beauty salon and check out any office supply store for Avery's reinforcement labels to use as a guide.  A pack of 560 little circles is all of a couple of bucks!...more