Summer Beauty Do's And Don'ts -- A Vlog + Giveaway

As a follow-up to my How Not to Shave Your Legs Post AKA Zakary Needs a Transfusion post, Venus asked me to share my summertime beauty tips.I have a very low-key beauty routine in the summer.  Mostly it includes pedicures every month, drinking a gallon of water every day, and complaining to my husband that we need to install AC because it is 90 degrees upstairs in the house at two in the afternoon and my tinted moisturizer keeps sweating off. As a woman in my mid-thirties, I need the tinted moisturizer....more

Summer Silliness in Florida

Summertime is usually a very fun time in Florida.  It's so HOT that, to beat the heat, we usually spend any free time in the water, be it the beach, springs, or rivers. This summer has been a little less fun than normal, because we haven't been able to do all of the fun things we like to do, due to work, schedules, storms, and just general CRAP.  But it's still important to keep up with our beauty routine, because even just running to the store, we may not wear a bikini (you're WELCOME!) but we do wear flip flops, shorts, and tank tops. Oh, how I need a tan!...more

Girls Rule! And a $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

First things first: Thank you everyone who has participated and commented on my Teenage Firsts post! I have absolutely loved reading your comments,and love all of the tips and tricks you have shared on how to talk with your teenager. I still can't even believe I have a teenager, let alone one to teach important things about womanhood!...more

Interview With Mama

As part of the Venus Embrace/Satin Care Passionista Fruit Shave Gel campaign, Belle and I had the opportunity to talk about fashion! Watch now, as she interviews me about my fashion advice!But first, a couple of notes:1. I am no expert on anything "fashion," as evidenced by my lack of make-up and "un-done" hair. (Hey, I'm getting my hair done soon ... cut me some slack.) 2. I really DO love my Venus Embrace! Extra tips on the Venus Embrace here.3. When did my daughter get so grown-up?...more

5 Summer Beauty Do's and Don'ts

The other day Princess, Angel Face and I were sitting at the dining room table chatting, as we enjoyed a rare "girls' lunch date" together. The topic turned to summertime beauty, and as the girls shared their challenges and asked for advice, we came up with some Summer Beauty Do's and Don'ts that we'd like to share with you: 1. Don't Suntan. Ever. "You're so white!" Angel Face said to Princess, comparing arms. "That's because I always use sunscreen; I don't want to get skin cancer," Princess replied. I wish I'd been as smart as she is when I was her age. ...more

Surviving the Summer Beautifully Requires Venus Embrace

Today, my daughter is interviewing me about Summer Beauty Tips! Enjoy are video! Then find more tips on staying beautiful all summer long, visit Getting Ready with Kendall and Kylie Jenner and the Venus page. Read more for the links......more

An Interview by My Daughter on the Topic of Summer Beauty Do's and Don'ts

My daughter Interviewed me on the topic of Summer Beauty Do's and Don'ts. It's always great to be able to get a kid's perspective on the truly important things in life.She wanted to know answers to the following questions:1) Have you ever used lemon juice or other products to lighten your hair?When I was a teenager, it was a big deal to use Sun In in your hair....more

Summer Beauty Tips from Me and My Girls

Three daughters+one mom=a lot of beauty products and paraphernalia. And how do you teach your daughters about the appropriate amount of grooming and primping and beautifying, all the while still teaching them about true beauty, which can't come from a jar or a tool? It's not that easy but my younger girls are at the age where they want to talk about it. They want to use a little makeup and are starting to be very interested in shaving. They polish their nails often and dream of using creams and lotions and powders. Oh, I remember the longing to be grown up....more

Summer Beauty Do’s and Don’ts

Grace, my 14-year-old daughter, will be using this space to interview me about summer beauty do's and don'ts. It is so important to talk openly with our girls and give them a chance to ask questions and receive honest answers about their body, hygiene and intimate grooming.What summer look from your teen years do you most regret?There was a difference in summer and winter looks? Remember I grew of age in the early '80s. We set the fashion trends your generation is copying. I never thought I would see leg warmers come back into fashion....more

Summer Beauty

I'm 32 years old. I have five children. I think I can reasonably be called an adult. And yet every time my mom sees me rub my eyes she yells at me: Don’t rub your eyes! That skin is very delicate! Do you want to get wrinkles?This tells me a couple of things:1.) Your mom is ALWAYS your mom, no matter how old you are.2.) Your mom is a great source of beauty advice ... even if she’s yelling it at you.With this in mind I sat down with Guinevere to talk about beauty-related things. A couple of weeks ago she asked me about wearing makeup....more