When to end a friendship?

When to end a friendship... IDK?!When a friendship becomes more work than rewarding or providing satisfaction, is it time to release it.  Here is why I ask... if your friend calls and you began to avoid the calls, make excuses why you can't talk or hang out... What should you say?...more
 @arwilk3 Love this comment.  :-)  more

Watch Our First Ever BlogHer Fashion Show!

You may have heard the "Whoop!" that went 'round the world on Saturday night in New York City, when 21 stylish -- and styling -- bloggers took the runway by storm at BlogHer '12. Truly fantastic fashion looks were on display, from sponsors 6PM and canine clothier Pet Smart (pretty pooches had their moment, too), but what really made the audience's eyes sparkle was the joy, confidence and pride beaming from our walkers, spreading like wildfire into the audience....more
 @kisschronicles Sorry... That was me screaming with all the "nice shoes" and "oh I need that in ...more

Big Bow-ty Gracie

Accentuating Your ASS-ets...more

Walking the BlogHer Fashion Show: Anything Is Possible

Ccould I really do it? Could I walk a runway in front of hundreds in New York at the BlogHer '12 Fashion Show, knowing full well I’d be in tears and hating the body I’m supposed to show off and love? Would it be a big lie?...more
Hey I'm a fashion blogger but mine is by no means silly. I try to send the message to all women ...more

I confess: I love laser hair removal!

How is it possible that I am no better at shaving today than I was as a teenager?  Years of experience clearly did not improve my technique. Plus, I somehow always ended up covering myself in band-aids, which may be fun for my son to use but not so sexy on my legs. ...more

I confess: I love topical retinoids!

I still get blackheads on my chin and nose, and I hate them! Yet, for some reason I love looking at them in larger-than-life perspective with my magnifying mirror.  My husband used to tell me to throw the mirror away....more

I confess: I love skin cream samples.

Never in my life did I ever expect to become skin obsessed.  I never really paid much attention to my skin and was lucky not to have much acne when I was a teenager.  As fate would have it I married a dermatologist which is the equivalent of eating the forbiddden apple for skin....more

July Glossybox Review

I have been so busy lately that I actually forgot when my July Glossybox was due to arrive, so my little heart skipped a beat when I saw it sitting at my door!   I almost ripped it open without even taking pictures because I just wanted to see what was inside.  I even forgot to feed the dogs (until after I was done peeking - they did end up eating I promise!  My portly pit bull is evidence). ...more

Saving money never looked so good

Its easy for people to look fabulous when they have time and money. But what about those who dont have very much of either? Well your in luck cause i have the solution!Not only does Avon have affordable products but they run them on sale regularly! So you dont have to be crushed to find out the item you bought, tried and loved is regular million dollars! Also they are simple to get because you dont have to leave your home! Order right through an Avon rep or from your personal computer! Time saver? I think so!...more

I Confess: I've Had Botox... And I Love It!

  What is the difference between being in your 30's and and your 20's?  One big thing my dear: crow’s feet!   ...more