Expiration Dates: When to Throw Out Your Old Makeup and Grooming Products

Hello friends! Sad to say that our favorite products have a very limited shelf life, and their expiration dates are not always written on their containers or packaging. When they are, you will see a tiny logo with the number of months written on the lower corner of the container. Therefore it is up to us to remember when to say our goodbyes. ...more

Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Mascaras on Koa


feel good in your skin

If there's one thing people have always made a comment to me about, it's my skin. I happen to come from great genes. My grandma has beautiful skin, and so does my mom. People think I have some crazy secret to having clear and smooth skin, when it’s really one simple thing:I take my makeup off at night, and wash my face. That’s it!...more

2 Best Makeup Foundations for the 'No Makeup' Makeup Look

Finally! Makeup bases that are weightless and give you glowing skin.- PJ GachYou can't tell that I'm wearing foundation, can you!...more

It's Still Hot Outside: 21 Products to Help You Beat the Heat

Grr! It’s hot out! Aside from staying in the shower all day, what can you do to beat the heat, stay cool and feel like you’re not going to melt?...more
Love the list! There's nothing like a fresh and crisp scent to instantly help deal with the ...more

Review: Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

Seems like everyone has a BB Cream these days, whether it is your department store luxury brand or your drug store brand, they all joined in the BB/CC game.If you do not know what a BB Cream is, this is a great product typically for your face or body that provides nutrients, moisture and protection (typically). Beauty balms (BB Creams) are a favorite one stop shop for the person who is looking to eliminate multiple steps and just "hurry up and get it done!" Ideal for routine-free zone kinda gals & guys....more


I may be 5’11”, but model material, I am not.So, when a friend asked me to be her makeup model for a day, I was a little hesitant. Like my grandmother, I am not a fan of having my photo taken. It’s something I’m trying to work on, so I said yes, hoping it would not only get me out of my comfort zone for a bit, but also make me a bit more at ease in front of the camera.To Continue Reading this Post, Please Visit:...more

How to Fill Your Makeup Bag for Under $50

When it comes to shopping, I like to save money where I can. I rarely to never buy clothing full-priced, unless it’s at a store that’s low-cost to start with. I’m even more stingy when it comes to shopping for makeup. Sure, I love makeup as much as the next girl. My lipstick collection could rival any woman I know. But I just can’t justify the high end makeup costs that so many women pay these days. I cringe when I walk through Sephora and gasp when I hear the cost of a makeup palette or bottle of foundation. Drugstores and Target are my makeup havens....more

a little bit of shimmer - GNO makeup tutorial

Last night, I attended the Modern Beauty 2015 event hosted by Style Chicago (I promise to have a recap soon!). Being the mom of two boys, I rarely have the chance to go out on a weeknight.  I seized this opportunity to go downtown and made a fun night of it with my sister-in-law. (Their wedding isn't until next summer but I've claimed her as my sister-in-law before they were even engaged - that's how much I adore her!)...more