Let’s talk makeup today, shall we?   I realize this topic might not be relevant for all my readers (see ya, boys) but oh well, ya can’t please everyone....more

A Makeup Confession - Help!

9 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

It's been way too long since I've put together a "favorite things" list. With so many great products out there, it's so hard to narrow it down and say that I love just one mascara or just one hairspray... or just one of anything, really. But I've managed to put together a small list and broken it down into categories. Enjoy! HAIR ...more
You're welcome. I hope you like it as much as I do!more

Broke-Girl Beauty: Why Baby Shampoo is the Best Face Wash

I have spent the last decade of my life as an endless tester of face wash products. I have naturally sensitive skin, and in my younger years I tended toward acne—never heavy, but I always thought even one zit was one too many. I’ve bought pretty much every kind they sell at the drugstore, Target, and Wal-Mart. I’ve had expensive, chemical-infused ones prescribed to me by dermatologists. I’ve bought them off TV. I’ve tried home remedies like baking-soda scrubs and all different kinds of oils. But the best face wash I ever used, I stumbled upon by accident: baby shampoo....more

Make-Up Tips for Women Who Want to Look Gorgeous

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A night out look using Blue Brown Pigment from MAC

As a makeup artist I hardly ever have time to doll myself up, because who wants to be up out of the house at 4 am with a full face of makeup!? Not me ! I believe in making sure you are clean, polished and professional.  However, this weekend I did hair and makeup for a very special young girl in my family for her cotillion and decided to glam myself up.  I wasn't sure on what look I wanted, I just knew that I wanted to use blue brown pigment from MAC. It is a gorgeous pigment and honestly you just have to see it in person....more

My Latest Beauty Obsession

I'm super excited to share my latest beauty obsession with you. Some of you may be hearing about this product for the first time as it's been in the U.S. market for only about 7 months now! Laneige is a cosmetic brand owned by Amore Pacific, one of the largest cosmetics company in South Korea. It recently became a professional skincare brand focused on Advanced Water Science™ and was introduced to the U.S. exclusively through none other than Target....more

5 Lipsticks to Try for Fall

As the summer season draws to a close, we are starting to see a bit of a change from warmer and brighter hues to deeper, richer pigments of lip colour that require little eye makeup to make for a really dramatic look. Fall is a really fun season to play with lip colour, and so we have compiled our list of the top 5 lipsticks to try for fall!Burgundy...more