Drugstore Makeup Favorites: Maybelline

Today on my blog, I'm sharing my drugstore makeup favorites from one of my favorite brands, Maybelline! I hope you'll head over to my blog to check out the favorites.You can check out the post here....more

Experiment With a Strong Lip! How to Make Colorful DIY Crayon Lipstick

Hey guys!Okay, I know what you're thinking ... did she really say crayon lipstick? Seriously?...more

Dear Lipstick Diary

While I was out and about today I picked up yet another one of Wet N Wild’s Mega Last lipsticks.  I think I have just about every shade of lipstick there is to own even though pinks are my favorite.  I love makeup, but lipsticks have become an obsession for me now and just another one of a number of things that I almost hoard.  ...more

My top favorite products

My favorite beauty products for the summer for the perfect look for your your daily use and is affordable for your budget. For more info :  ...more

June Favorites: Beauty/ Non Beauty

Hi Lovelies, Okay, I know I dont usually do post about my favorites in anything but, fashion, but June has definitely been a month of favorites, and I cant wait to share my beauty faves and non beauty faves❤❤ PhotoGrid_1436292173740 BEAUTY FAVORITES:...more

I Don't Wear Makeup or Heels. But I'm Not Going to Tell You What to Do

It’s pretty obvious, once you get to know me, that I really am not much for traditional beauty standards. I rarely wear makeup; it’s mostly a sensory thing. (The feeling of blush and foundation on my cheeks makes me want to scream.) I don’t know how to do much with my long hair, so I learn a few easy tricks and then do them when I feel like it – otherwise it’s in a ponytail. And I’ve heard a lot about my choice not to wear makeup much or to keep my hair long but not really do anything with it. Trust me – I’ve heard it, from family, friends, and even some significant others....more


Mi hermano espiritual me regalaba una botella de un perfume divino. “Manifesto” by Yves St. Laurent embodies EVERY beautiful aspect of sex. This post will probably be a little risqué pero that’s to be expected with this scent. Manifesto isn’t a new scent by any stretch of the imagination. It was released in August of 2012 and it utilizes a scent profile of which I’m  a typical fan with the exception of vanilla....more

Makeup Vloggers You Should Subscribe to Immediately

Is there anyone that isn’t a “beauty guru” on YouTube? There are just so many makeup tutorials. And if we’re being honest, a lot of it is utter garbage. But these 6 vloggers never disappoint.1. Michelle Phan is such an obvious choice that it feels superfluous to even include her. But not including her would be nuts, even if only for the sheer mass of information on her channel....more