Edward Scissorhands Transformation Tutorial with Special Guest Poster!!!!!!

 Halloween is on FRIDAY!!!! I am so excited!! I absolutely love Halloween. During this time of year my Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are all flooded with pictures of spooky transformations. I have never actually tried myself to do a full makeup transformation. I seem to stick to classic forms of makeup. It is completely out of my comfort zone. So maybe I will try, I am working on stepping out of my comfort zones. That is a whole post on it's very own. Ha Ha....more

No Fuss Make-Up/On-the-Go Face of the Day

I don't know about you but I dislike spending too much time on my makeup when I wear it. I usually am running out the door when I apply it and I like a routine that is quick and easy. I save the elaborate face for more fancy occasions. When I need a quick beat, I pull out a few items that'll do the job....more

Supersized Plaid + Scuba Leggings.

Nothing like a new wide brim wool hat to ring in fall, am I right? This Rag &...more

Give Thanks Giveaway

Thanksgiving is just around the corner (eek!! Already?!) and in the spirit of giving and being thankful, I wanted to say THANKS to all my readers by GIVING away some fun treats....more

Romantic Fall look with a Twist

This look is a basic neutral eye with a fun, fresh twist and a bit of unexpected color. Most of the makeup in this tutorial is NYX cosmetics. Everything other than the Mascara and lower lash line color, is all from my local CVS....more

Beauty Product Road Test: Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Masque

Can a face mask from Orlane be the answer to your skin care issues? -PJ Gach...more

Age Is An Attitude – But Collagen Helps

 “Tell me what you’re using.”...more

Exciting News Big Changes

Three years ago I thought it would be a great idea to create a blog. I had no idea what I was doing. I logged in to Blogger and went through the steps. It was easy to get started but then I was stuck looking at a blank canvas not knowing what direction to take this new project. Over the years my blog has become something more than what I originally thought it would be. I have put countless hours in creating a space that is mentally and visually stimulating for myself and hopefully you guys enjoy and maybe learn something new.When I started, this blog was focused on all natural DIY's for home and skin. Picking the name Mama's Crazy Happy Life seemed perfect, especially since I had just had a baby and life was Crazy Happy. However the name no longer fits what this blog has become nor does it explain my vision....more