How to Make Your Own Bronzer

You won't believe how easy this is! And I am pretty sure you all will have the ingredients right in your kitchen. ...more
Jasmine89 Yes! You MUST! ;-)more


KatsConfessions I am so happy that you agree! I find especially for make up it is no problem at ...more

A world of BB creams. Reviews.

BB creams have been out for some time now, every brand offers one and they ALL promise miracles but, what do they deliver?In Korea, a BB or Beauty Balm is a combination of products design to facilitate your morning routine, usually they contain: SPF, moisturizer, primer, some have an illuminating component and then your make up and this is where a Korean BB cream differs from an American one: their products actually delivers the coverage they promised our seldom do.I own five drug store BB creams and these are my thoughts.Rimmel BB cream....more

Review: My Top 3 Clay Masks

If you've known me long enough - be it as a reader, an Instagram follower, a friend, a family member, you'll know I love my clay masks. My sister in law constantly sees me around the house with some spots of grey/black all over my face and my baby niece always asks, "What ter that?" when she points to them haha....more

Review: Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep

Hi lovelies, ...more

Contest: Win Dove DermaSeries Ultra Caring Body Cleanser and Body Repairing Cream

Treat your skin right with new Dove DermaSeries skin care. -PJ Gach...more

Spring Trend Alert: Ultra-Bright Lipsticks!

Maybe it's the bright colors shown on the spring runways, or maybe it’s due to the creatively colored lips worn by Rihanna (deep metallic green) and Joan Smalls (dark purple). Whatever the reason, lip colors ranging from hot oranges to pinks, blues, purples greens and even gray are leaping off the cosmetic counters and finding homes in makeup bags (and lips) across the country. ...more
Rayof_Sunshine Thanks for the compliment! Coral shades add a great pop of color and they're sexy!more