Black + White Peter Pilotto for Target.

I have been waiting for the weather to warm up enough for me to wear more of my Peter Pilotto for Target pieces. I got the chance last weekend when both the weather and the occasion (happy 30th, Laura!) meant I could take this number for a spin....more

And it's just, like, honey...

Ok, so maybe I didn't have to reference a Mariah Carey song (or maybe I did?) but that's besides the point! My Marc Jacobs Honey Trio came today!  And it smells so delicious, like sweet vanilla honey ice cream with a hint of peaches.  With the weather doing a complete 180 from yesterday to today, I need something sweet and springy in my life!...more

And then I became the sixth or seventh Kardashian.

So last night was my hair and makeup trial for the wedding, you guys, and apparently I’ve been doing hair and makeup wrong for pretty much, well, my whole life? Or at least from late teens onward. Before then, I think I pretty much nailed it.   Anyway, I learned quite a few tips and tricks, some that I’ll share with you all now because I’m altruistic like that. Here we go:  ...more

MAC Studio Sculpt Lash Mascara Review

MAC Studio Sculpt Lash Mascara REVIEWMAC has came out with a new mascara!!Who doesn't need more mascara?...more

Whats in my makeup bag

I see a lot of "What's in my makeup bag" posts and tags, so I figured I'd join the band wagon.I never really noticed how many products I use on the daily getting ready for work until I emptied my bag and took this picture....more

Incorporating Radiant Orchid into Your Style

Radiant Orchid rocks my world—favorite Pantone color yet! Will I slap it up on an accent wall in my living room? Probably not. This pinkish purple adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit, though. Here are some of my favorite RO-inspired finds! ...more
This is one of my favorite 'Pantone Color of the Year' as well :) Any shade of purple is fine by me!more

Mastering the Smokey Eye and Other Very Serious Matters

  I’ll begin this post by revealing one of my guilty pleasures…I’m addicted to watching makeup videos. There, I said it....more

5 Fabulous Beauty Tips for Looking Gorgeous Every Day

Whether your goal is to look naturally flawless every day, or you prefer to up the glam factor and turn heads, you definitely need to know these coveted beauty tips (that supermodels and celebrities rely on to look picture-perfect). From learning how to ensure your makeup lasts all day to getting thick, long eyelashes (without having to glue on false eyelash strips), featured here are 5 fabulous beauty tips for looking gorgeous every day. ...more
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Gwen Stefani & red lipstick therapy

I know, it sounds silly. But it works! Well, at least it does for me.I was, and am still, in a fashion rut. I just feel lazy when it comes to getting dressed, doing the laundry, styling my hair, etc. I want to blame the winter but it started before the deep freeze settled over us....more

My Spring Detox and Beauty Redux

I do a cleanse every year in the Spring to herald in a new season of eating lighter. But, this is not the only reason I do this. The Environmental Defence suggests we are exposed to over 80,000 chemicals in industry and consumer products, household cleaners, furniture and cosmetics. Yet, only a small percentage of these toxins have actually been tested for safety. Yikes!...more