Small Eyes? How to Do a Colorful Smoky Eye

I am not a makeup pro by any means, but I know a couple of tricks which might maybe help one or two girls. So here are my little tips if -- like me -- you have small, hooded eyes....more
Do you mean because your mascara or eyeliner is smudging? Have you tried to use waterproof ...more

How Long to Keep Makeup

I get a lot of questions about when makeup and other personal care products expire.  Below is a general guideline for you to follow.  I suggest writing the purchase date on products when you purchase them.  This way you can't fall back on the "I can't remember" excuse to keep too many products.  Also, make sure that products are kept in a cool, dry location. You should be able to see them so you can be sure to use them!Liquid and creme foundations can be kept for 6-12 months.Face moisturizer can be kept for a year....more

Makeup Colors and Styles for 2014

*Canva.comGlimmer, glam and gleam seems to be the words to describe the styles of 2014 when it comes to makeup.  There are a lot of bold colors and even some not so common with the Spring colors up ahead.  Many colors and styles made waves in New York during Fashion Week for 2014 as well as the Golden Globes.  Yes, some may be a little over the top for you but I PROMISE you will find something you can work with....more

Pass on This: Michael Todd True Organics KNU Anti-aging Face Lift

After reading a good review of two Michael Todd True Organics products, I jumped at the chance via Living Social to buy Michael Todd True Organics KNU Anti-aging Face Lift for $27 delivered instead of the usual $150. However, deep discounts like that always make me wonder what the "real" price is....more
EstheticGoddess Since posting the full review on my blog, I have heard from a couple of women ...more

Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick Review Sparkling Sand. Benefit Watts Up Dupe!

I recently got a deluxe sample of Benefit's Watts Up highlighting stick, and I've been loving it!  I never knew quite what to do with liquid highlighters so the stick makes it pretty much foolproof- a little swipe across the tops of my cheekbones, maybe a little on the brow bones, and voila!  Instant subtle glow.   ...more

Ulta Cream Eye Shadows: Rose Gold & Topaz

A beauty blogger colleague posted a gorgeous smoky eye a while back that she did with a gorgeous shade of green eye shadow from Ulta. I've always ignored the Ulta brand products for no good reason, but recently while I was there with a coupon for $3.50 off $10 purchase coupon, I decided to search for the shadow she used. While perusing the shelf, I discovered Ulta Cream Eye Shadows....more

A Quick & Easy Way to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for the Liquid Eyeliner Impaired Like Me

I am impaired when it comes to applying liquid eyeliner. It never goes on right, I end up with blotchy areas, too much here, too little there. ...more

How the Makeup Forever Boutique Reminded me that I was Beautiful.

I've been playing makeup for years. I dabbled as a makeup artist while living in NC, I've taken several classes and watched many a video on makeup application. While I'm still a huge makeup hoarder fan I've gotten so busy with school and life that I basically just went with the simplest makeup applications. You know foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, blush and a gloss or lipstick. This worked for me and probably took me only about 10-15 minutes. With so much going on in my work and school life I honestly didn't have time to really glamour myself up. I just wanted to be presentable, not beautiful, not cute but just presentable. Maybe this is what happens when one turns 30 and they're tired. The sad part of it all is that I accepted it.Last monday I had the opportunity to attend a Make Up For Ever Mastery Course called "Complexion and Contour", and in 2hrs the way I looked at myself was completely changed. ...more

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color is True to It's Name!

*Product Sent for Review* ...more

Sephora versus Ulta

I’m sorry I’ve been gone a while but I have been ill and not really “chatty”, any who, I’m BAAAAACCCKKKK.Something I’ve been meaning to blog about for a while is the Sephora VS Ulta debate, which one is better? Where can I can my money’s worth?...more