The Best Skin Care Products to Fight Wrinkles and Sun Damage

Often times I am complimented on my skin and am proud to say that at the age of 48 I am often mistaken for my 3 boys older sister. Some of that is genetics, sun avoidance, and living a healthy life style. Much of it has to do with using the correct products on your skin. Products that truly make a difference on your skin....more

ipsy bag Glam It Up November '13: Bull's-eye!

No complaining about delivery or the product selection in my November "Glam It Up" ipsy bag. It was a bull's-eye! I got 6 makeup products in my monthly subscription bag for $10 that surely is worth close to $50, woo hoo! I got 2 lipsticks, an eye shadow, nail polish, eyeliner pencil, and bronzer from brands like Michelle Phan, Starlooks, Nailtini, Be A Bombshell, BH Cosmetics, pixi.  Check out my haul on my blog....more

Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Many times when I first meet with a client and I have determined they would be a good candidate for a chemical peel their first question is always "Am I going to look like Samantha from Sex In The City?" For those of you not...more

November 2013 Topbox Review

 Welcome to my November Topbox review! I received my box on the 14th and was excited to see that I got the Estée Lauder privé box, which was on my wish list. Each month you have an option of “wishing” for a box curated by a specific brand, or you can just opt for the  . This was the first month I checked off any of the privé boxes and hey, it worked!1 // This is what my box looked like upon opening it....more

How to Exfoliate Your Face Correctly

When I first meet with a client for a skin consultation I like to know everything they use on their skin before recommending products that I think would benefit their skin. One thing I have noticed is so many of  them seem to skip exfoliating their skin or others are doing it way too...more

Autumn Eye and Lip Look

I'm not a makeup artist, so I don't really do makeup tutorials on my beauty blog. But I was inspired by my autumn sweater to create an autumn eye and lip look from the makeup in my stash. I got a mini-eye shadow palette from BH Cosmetics in my July ipsy bag, and I hadn't used it much. Well, the 3 shades in that California Collection palette were just perfect for an autumn eye. Check out the shades and products in my blogpost....more

Review: BEST makeup remover wipes ever!

Last holiday season I participated in a Beauty Blogger product swap hosted by MelissaChanel and Kelley....more

How Eyelash Growth Serums Work


Beauty Products I've Used Up: Are They Repurchase-worthy?

Since I became a beauty blogger a year ago, I've bought a lot of makeup and skincare products. Most of the time, I like to use up what I buy, but some products are so disappointing that I just can't finish 'em. Let me share with you 5 beauty products that I used up. Now the question is, should I repurchase them or go on to something new? Check out my mini-reviews on my blog....more