The Saga of My September Classic Beauty Bag from ipsy

Review of the 5 products that I received in my Classic Beauty ipsy bag, a monthly beauty products subscription service...more

Beauty Haul | Ulta, Sephora and Drugstore Finds

@Saltless in Seattle I have tried the DevaCurl "No Poo Cleanse" and the "One Condition." I am ...more

The Jump Off.

I’ve been known to pull in a little boho here and there, but I never thought I’d sport a full stop wide-leg paisley jumpsuit.Until this weekend.Nordstrom convinced me (as it usually does). I pulled this hunter green number off the rack with a smirk on my face. It was one of those pieces that had the potential to be really bad, or really good....more
Too cute! Glad you took the risk!more

My Somewhat diary of a Lash Bash

Some of you who've been following The Messy Vanity on Facebook already know that Benefit Cosmetics and Ipsy have chosen me to host what they're calling, a "Lash Bash"! Which is basically a makeup party to promote a few of Benefits best products....more

Fashion Friday: How To Wear Harem Pants

All of us have seen the loose fitted pants this summer; some of us love them while others cannot understand why anyone would want to wear pants that resemble PJs.I had been apprehensive of trying the harem pants in fear that I would look wider than I wanted. I finally gave them a shot and have fallen in love!Check out my blogpost on styling tips on how to wear harem pants.  ...more

What's Caught My Eye

Review and GIVEAWAY of essence New Line of Lipsticks for Fall 2013: It's Like Velvet

I was lucky to get to try 2 shades of my favorite affordable makeup brand, essence's new line of lipsticks, introduced for Fall 2013. These essence lipsticks have sophisticated new packaging with an embossed bullet. But the really good news beside the fact that they are super-affordable is that they are long-wearing lipsticks that are so creamy, not drying like most long-wear lipsticks. They are lightweight and feel like velvet....more

9 Makeup Brushes You Should Own

Makeup is a form of art. With that said, every artist needs the best tools in order to create a masterpiece. Having the right makeup brushes to apply your makeup makes all the difference. Featured here are the top 9 must-have makeup brushes that every woman should have in her makeup bag. ...more
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Make up for Dummies

I have a confession. I hate shoes. They hurt my feet. I will wear boots, wedges, flip flops, and shoes for the gym but thats it. No platform heels or fun shoes for me because they hurt me so bad. In my 20's my girlfriends and I would go out to the clubs and I would wear a really cute outfit with, gasp, Nike Tennis shoes. The street casual kind? If you went to highschool in 97 you remember them. My friends got so frustrated with me that they actually threw out the shoes for my birthday and bough me my first pair of black MIA strappy wedges....more

How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller: Lip Tricks with a White Pencil

Easy, quick tip to make your lips look fuller with white eyeliner pencil...more