I Chopped ALL My Hair Off (for the 3rd time)!

 That’s right, I’m officially the crazy scissor lady! On a complete whim, I cut all my hair off yesterday....more
I am about ready to do the same thing. LoL but idk I've only been post BC for a year and some ...more

Treat Your Skin To A DIY Pineapple Facial

A little while ago we made an easy coconut sugar scrub which is the best for soft skin all year round.  Sugar scrub isn’t suitable for your face, so what are we to do? Well, that is where a pineapple facial treatment comes in....more
That's interesting. I have not seen a pineapple facial recipe before.more

Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum: On the Way to a New Energy Discovery, A Skincare Product is Born

Review of Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum: from micro-algae research into a new energy source comes a skincare discovery. I liked it a lot....more

Pretty Bold In Pink

Heading into summer, I decided wanted to make a bit of a change. Ok, I made a pretty big change, I got extensions! I am so happy with the quality of the hair I received. My lovely sister Fabiola, researched and found this great vendor called Kinky Curly Yaki. Their prices are reasonable and they are very responsive. Just in case you are wondering, I am wearing the light yaki. My hair was installed by the lovely Claudia at Bubbles Salon in DC, on K. St NW....more

Yet Another Open Letter to the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch

Dear Mr. Jeffries,...more

Lemon Nail Whitening

I use lemons in my kitchen for cooking almost everyday and  I really enjoy half a lemon squeezed into my water.  Needless to say, there are juiced rinds of lemons around almost everyday and it's the best thing that ever happened to my nails.Read more......more

L'Oreal Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Golden Balm Eye Cream

Review of L'Oreal Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Golden Balm Eye Cream. You can never be too thick or too rich? Maybe you can......more

Dickenson's Witch Hazel

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Towelettes So the full name of this product is Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel oil controlling towelettes. The package says that they are oil free, non-drying, and for all skin types. The  product claims to gently remove dirt, oil and impurities while eliminating shine and touched with aloe. ...more
I'm still getting used to the formatting here, so please excuse the crazy numbering!!more

2013 NYX Face Awards

Hello my wonderful readers!!   Top O' the mornin' to ye!     So I am SUPER excited to share with y'all that NYX Cosmetics has once again launched their Face Awards competition. If you don't know what that is..I'll tell you!     It is a contest for YouTube makeup artists! It is an amazing way to kick start your makeup artist career, not to mention yourself esteem! The grand prize includes $25,000 and soooo much more. P.S. My entry is linked below...   ...more
Do you know where the face awards are?more


My daughter is 17, a self proclaimed "individual", likes her basketball shorts, baggy t-shirts, and high top basketball shoes (usually lime green). The only thing she does for a beauty regiment is letting me blow dry her hair, no make-up, no curls nothing. Lime green is her favorite color from her glasses, to her clothes, to her shoes. She made the school annual just because of her daily clothes ensemble. So she decided to partake in the Distinguished Young Women Competition. The competition consisted of, self expression, interview, fitness, talent....more