The Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera

I have this philosophy that when it comes to my skin care, if it works then doesn’t fix it. No matter if that’s a good or bad thing, aloe vera never seems to leave my bathroom counter top. There’s never been much hype, but I’m pretty sure that is because not many understand how great the product really is. There are several benefits to using this cheap gel in our beauty routine. The specific kind that I use is from Fruit of the Earth and contains no alcohol. The key to a good aloe gel is to find one that doesn’t contain alcohol....more

Wishful Bath & Beauty's FEVERshadow in Rue's Wildflowers swatches+review - PICTURE HEAVY

**PR sample provided by company representative**I'm just going to tell you upfront. This pigment lasted 10 hours on me. And I'm in love with it. I've lost count, literally, of how many times I've incorporated it into my eye looks over the past two weeks. Heck, I wouldn't be remiss if I said I've pretty much worn in every day. This little pot of awesomeness (and other FEVERshadow pigments) have jumped to the top of my must-have list....more

China Glaze Infra-Red swatches+review

**PR sample provided by company representative**...more

Just My P.O.V....The Vampire Facial/Facelift ...more

Christian Dior BB Magic

I've been on a 25 year search for a great concealer/foundation and man o man I have found it! Christian Dior Hydra Life BB Creme is straight up magic in a tube. It provides significant coverage for those pesty under eye raccoon masks. Seriously, my routine before included sunscreen, under eye concealer, foundation, shimmer foundation, powder, then more shimmer powder dusting to add the "luminous, dewy look" I've been after. Now my morning routine has been simplified to one magic little tube. ...more

Chapped Lips? Make DIY Lip Scrub

Chapped lips? 3 easy recipes for making your own lip scrub...more

A 3 in one moisturizer from L'Oreal.

I rarely do this and no I am not getting paid for this post.  The number one thing I attempt to do is make my own food, cleaning supplies and as soon as I run out, cosmetics. I have been attempting to create my own, but the other day I was in a pinch and did not have the majority of my ingredients so I decided to purchase a tinted moisturizer....more

Oldie But Goodie: Sealed With A Kiss Lipstick Fixative

Tired of your lipstick not lasting? Read my review of the old-timey lipstick fixative, Sealed With A Kiss...more

Color Club Beyond swatches+review

**PR sample provided by company representative**Happy Monday!! (I'm determined to me positive today! haha) I've got a great holo polish for you today - one of the Color Club Halo Hues...this one is a black base called Beyond....more