What are Subscription Boxes?

Subscription Boxes When I read my favorite blogs they would have a blog post of what they received in their most recent subscription box. Basically a subscription box is a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription in which you will receive 4 -5 sample products, some range as low as $9 and some are up to $60. When I researched some subscription boxes was I was intrigued. “But why would I want to pay money for sample products?”...more

should i just let myself go, now that Our relationship is over!!

i don't Really have to care Any more, i'm not going to go and be single, i don't want to take any bath, there's just no reasons to be like All Gorgeous now.i Hate my diet, i can't eat everything Now. i hate fashion, i'm not going to wear anything anymore. what i'm going to be ,like now, now what's there to do.. Now, i am like, some WOMANGirl that is like, Too Immature to Date.  Like how those PRO-Ball Guys are too immature for A Girlfriend.  ...more


FoundationsI have always had problems finding the right foundation. I have fair skin, it's always difficult  finding the right color - either it's too light or it's too dark. I have combination skin sometimes dry sometimes oily, it was difficult finding something that conquered both......more

How To Use Retin A Correctly

Back in September 2013 I wrote a post called Retin A: Why You Should Be Using It.  I promised to do a follow-up post on how to use it and I am finally getting around to it.  ...more

Beauty // January Favorites & Haul

Now that we are 6 days into February, I guess its about time for me to share my January Beauty Haul & Favorites. I've discovered a handful of lovely makeup items over the last few months and these are the few that have claimed a proper place in my daily routine. ...more

Simple Tip for Bombshell Eyelashes

All you have to do to have bombshell eyelashes is simply turn the heat up on your eyelash curler! That's right ... simply turn your hairdryer onto your eyelash curler for about 15 seconds to heat it up a bit, then curl your lashes.  Only use enough heat to get your eyelash curler warm ......more

January Topbox Review


Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color: Pink Rave & Fiery Coral

This winter is becoming depressingly cold, snowy, and grey. I really needed something that reminded me that summer will be back...eventually. Milani's super-saturated, intensely colored liquid lip color has been transporting me back to the beach! ...more

Small Eyes? How to Do a Colorful Smoky Eye

I am not a makeup pro by any means, but I know a couple of tricks which might maybe help one or two girls. So here are my little tips if -- like me -- you have small, hooded eyes....more
Do you mean because your mascara or eyeliner is smudging? Have you tried to use waterproof ...more

How Long to Keep Makeup

I get a lot of questions about when makeup and other personal care products expire.  Below is a general guideline for you to follow.  I suggest writing the purchase date on products when you purchase them.  This way you can't fall back on the "I can't remember" excuse to keep too many products.  Also, make sure that products are kept in a cool, dry location. You should be able to see them so you can be sure to use them!Liquid and creme foundations can be kept for 6-12 months.Face moisturizer can be kept for a year....more