Oh, To Look Human Again!

What is your favorite way to recharge when you feel drained of energy?A home spa treatment I made myself! There is nothing more wonderful than to put yourself back together again….....more

Why I write on beauty

 When you visit my blog The Traditional Beauty you are likely to see some pretty images of my vanity table, my pearls and recent finds at the beauty counter. Sharing my love of beauty is almost an irresistible notion for me and for as long as I can remember beauty has been a way for me to connect to a feeling of wholeness within myself....more

Jesse's Girl Flavored Kissed Lip Gloss and Liquid Glass Lip Gloss swatches+review

Good day all - IT'S FRIDAY! :) And my lips are on the blog today, so it's double your lucky day ahahah! :) I have some lip stuffs from Jesse's Girl that I snagged from Cosmoprof over the summer, and I've been dying to wear them...I just needed the right time to showcase them :)First up is the Flavor Kissed Lip Gloss. I have Raspberry. It's yummy! I have to limit my wearing of it because all I do is lick it off haha It's pink in the tube, but is essentially colorless. It swabs on easily and leaves lips feeling all kinds of smooth....more

Bobbi Brown Palette Review

Rich Caviar Eye Palette  ...more

LA Colors eyeshadow palette in Water Lily swatches+review

As some of you know, my birthday was last week, and I went all out with my makeup! haha Well, not really...but I did wear colors on my eyes I had never worn before - pink and blue. That's right, I had never used pink or blue eyeshadow before my birthday last week. And I'm really no spring chicken. So yeah, it was a big day for me. No one else really noticed (altho after the fact people have commented hah!), but I guess I felt different!...more

It's Howdy Doody Time

OMG very night I go to bed and pray..,"Please G-d, let low rise skinny jeans NOT be the trend for Fall. Please.  And I know you're really busy, what with the the loss of New Jersey and all, but I just read that Japan is beginning to recover from the tsunami, the water is really receding, so that should free you up a little bit.  Also if you could do something about the over the knee boot..."...more

Zoya Lovely collection swatches + review

Hi all! I was lucky enough to get my hands on the entire Zoya Lovely collection - and I had just enough light to get them posted for you tonight! It's so cold here, but the sun came out this afternoon enough for me to take pictures. So let's get right to it!...more

Your Skin... The Day After!

So last night you had to work extra late (on your blog maybe...), had to go to that cocktail party or received a last minute invite to go see a movie. Whatever the reason you ended up getting home super late and were way to tired to do anything other than get undressed and go to bed and...You did so without removing your makeup! ...more

The one with Wet n Wild Sparkle Til Morning eye shadow palette!

Ooooh you get to see my eye today!!!! But...well, with my limited eye make-up skills, it's really just looks like I've got a big old black eye! :) I picked up one of the limited edition Wet n Wild eye shadow palettes, the one I particularly like, Sparkle 'Til Morning. It's full of rich browns and bronzes, with a nice teal thrown in....more