Spring 2013 Makeup Trends

 With Spring right around the corner, it's hard for me to resist from jumping right into spring makeup and fashion. Heck, I wanted to break it out before the New Year! So, I've decided I'm doing it anyways.Just like our men, makeup trends change every year. Here are some makeup ideas to get you pumped about the new season. NAKED LASHES AND BOLD LIPS:...more

April 2013 ELLE Cover: Nicki Minaj - Look For Less

 While checking out all the soon-to-be covers for this next month, I couldn't help but spot the glamorous cover of April’s Elle (LINK BELOW). Though her makeup artist, Queen Barb, stripped off layers of makeup to show a more natural side of Nicki Minaj, she looked stunning! Can we just take a moment and confess how jelly we are that without makeup, we look like a naked mole rat? Moment over.Thank you, Nicki, for being so fabulous. (In case you missed it):

Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection 2013

Here's my take on the Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection Spring 2013. What's yours?...more

5 Best Body Butters for Soft Skin

Win Win For Your SkinA single product with this many uses is really a gift for your skin (and I'll bet your pocketbook won't complain much either). A body butter can be made with as little as 2 ingredients, and because it is water free, doesn't need preservatives. It does however, require a little more effort with application than a cream. You have to work it in, but if you think of this as a mini-massage, then it's really more of a benefit than a bother. ...more

Spring Cleaning: I’m Clearing out My Stash *Giveaway*

It’s time for some much needed pre-spring cleaning. I’ve become the ultimate subscription box junkie. I’ve gotten subscription box fever and my cabinets are screaming “you got to be kidding me!” So I've decided to do some early spring cleaning and give one lucky winner a chance to win all these goodies that I most likely won’t be using anytime soon. At one point, I think I was up to 4-5 boxes a month; I have since cut my monthly boxes to only 2. Most of the boxes contained beauty products that I will not use. Especially the skin care products....more

New Milani High Speed Fast Dry polishes - Pink Express and Rapid Orchid swatches+review

Hi all! :) I have another set of great polishes for you this afternoon from Milani! I'm featuring two of them again - this time I've got Pink Express and Rapid Orchid....more

i tried Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Peel

i tried Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Peel for free as a buzz agent....l liked it a lot...ive got some dark spots on my face from sun damage and pregnancy....the one that bothered me the most is a dark spot on my cheek.......ive been using the product every night before bedtime for about five weeks all over my face  and i put a little bit extra on the spot  my cheek....after using it ..the spot isnt gone but i have been able to see a little lightening and the borders arent as noticeable....over all the other spots seem to have faded some...there hasnt been any irritation to my skin...more

Color Club Halo Hues in Over the Moon swatches+review

It's cold here again! I'm ready for warmer temps, spring and flowers. Sheesh. That groundhog needs fired. He said early spring, not 6 more weeks of winter! ...and yes, this is 6 weeks since he made his prediction. It might be time to let Phil retire with dignity! hahah :) For this sludgy, cold day, I've got one of the Color Club Halo Hues for you today! This one is Over The Moon, a gorgeous icy blue....more

Remove calluses naturally

Callused feet?  This all natural, cheap remedy works!All you need is Apple cider vinegar, band aids, and cotton balls.Soak cotton ball in the vinegar, place on callus and secure with bandaid, leave it on for 1-2 hours and the callus will be soft enough to scrape off.  Repeat until desired result is achieved.   Bona fide Solutions...more