Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara Review

Hey Ya'll! I am very excited to share this mascara review with you! I think the kind of eyelashes I have are extremelyyy average. They not extremely short or thick or...anything. They are just kind of "blah" and they don't hold curl very well. Because of this, mascara usually disappoints me. It is one of those things that I notice a small difference if I wear it but not much. ...more

She Wore Red

It often lay there, at the bottom of the special little pocket in Her purse, buried beneath the less cheeky colors. She shied away from this particular color, it always made too much of a statement. The other colors dressed her in subtlety - no flash, nothing to draw and unseen. ...more
@cescilay I totally agree! For me, it is red lipstick. For you? For her or her or her? A color ...more

New iphone app to assess your skin from OWN Skin Health & review of OWN Lifting Eye Cream

OWN Skin Health, a natural skincare and tech-based company in SF, introduced a way cool phone app to assess the state of your skin and to monitor the effectiveness of their and, I guess, anybody's beauty products:  My OWN App.  Fun to use and very informative. I'm trying out OWN's Lifting Eye Cream to see how well it works after 8 weeks....more

Is It Spring, Yet?

I guess it hit me when Ruth Curran, of Cranium Crunches, asked me for snow photos. She uses them on her blog to create brain teasers and puzzles to keep all of us alert and at the ready....more
@elaineR.N.  i want to vacation with you and Alan so much, we need to make it happen in 2014 ok?more


In the blink of an eye you can catch someone’s attention.In the blink of an eye you can make someone think twice.In the blink of an eye you can shatter someone’s day.In the blink of an eye you can bring someone back from the dead… ...more

My March Beauty Revolution!

I have decided to start the very first series on my blog which is going to be titled "(Month) Beauty Revolution". At the beginning of every month, I'm going to create a blog post that gives information on what I have decided to either give up or start doing in my beauty rutine. The overall goal is to become happier and healthier. For March, I'm agreeing to moisturize every time I get out of the shower and before I go to bed. I have a bad habbit of only moisturizing my face, and leaving my body to take care of itself. NO GOOD! ...more

Best Under Eye Wrinkles Cream

Women value their skin. They want to have a younger looking skin through the years. The desire to look beautiful is a part of human nature. People try to look for ways in order to stay beautiful. During the first few signs of aging, it is important to care more about your skin. This is why you need to start using wrinkle cream. These creams are chemically proven to minimize the effects of aging. It will help you diminish the fine lines and wrinkles in your face....more

Lovely Pretty Style Makeup Eyeshadow trio from Born Pretty Store swatches+review

I have another little gem for you from Born Pretty Store! This is an eye shadow trio in the cutest case! I'll get right to the photos!...more

Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Sunset Blvd

Hello all! Today I have my eyeball to show you again. This time it's adorned with Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust. This one is a burnt orange-y red called Sunset Blvd. I got it in a goodie bag at Cosmoprof, and I've worn it several times since then....more