Sleek cosmetics, it's a do!!

Sleek cosmetics is an English brand, I own three eye shadow palettes and one blush palette.I don't own any of their face powders or lipsticks therefore my opinion is limited to the items on hand.I have purchase two I Divine palettes on EBay, they are Chaos and Circus and I have ordered the Lagoon palette and a blush shadow palette in Pumpkin on Amazon: as far as I know they are not available in stores I paid around $15.00 each for the eyeshadows and $13.00 for the blushes....more

Top 5 FAQs About Chemicals in Personal Care Products

Top 5 FAQs About Chemicals in Personal Care ProductsBy Britta Aragon | Founder + Creator

Concealer? Luminizer? Tone corrector? What are they? Do I need them? How do I apply them? What's good and what's bad.

How many times did you find yourself at the drugstore, at the make up counter, on the internet, wondering what you really need to buy to cover your undereye bags, a pimple, you name it.How many times did you go to a make up counter hoping the associate will actually be able to help you and you just went home with a bag full of products you don't really know how to use?Today I will try to explain you the difference between concealer, luminizer and tone corrector and my best and worst for each cathegory. Let's begin!...more

Wonder Pencil from NYX: Super-Affordable Multi-tasking Nude Pencil

Review of the Wonder Pencil from NYX, an inexpensive, easy to use pencil that functions as a concealer, lipliner or eyeliner photo: Allison Cohen...more

Red Apple Lipstick & Minty Gluten Free Gloss, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free

Hello Beauties!Recently a representative from Red Apple Lipstick reached out to me asking if I would like to do a product review of their lipstick and gloss.  Glad that I did because these products feel so great on the lips and they are all safe!...more

My top 5 worst and best mascaras

Let me begin by telling you about my eye and my expectations from any mascara; I have medium short lashes, not too thick not too sparse but straight as a pin, I also have sensitive eyes.When I buy a mascara I'm looking for three things: It has to hold the curl from my eyelash curler, it must not irritate my eyes and it must not flake; said this I can begin with the top five worst mascara I've had the displeasure to try and then the top five best mascaras....more

Hot Makeup Colors to Watch For

With the seasons changing already, you're probably wondering exactly what makeup colors are out for 2013 right?  There are colors out there that you might not think about when you are thinking about makeup, but girlfriends, you've got to give them a try!  Whether you sport some emerald green eyes or you go with some metal tones throughout all of your makeup, take a look below for some other colors that are hot, hot, hot!Emerald Green...more

Scuba Skirt + Bright White.

If you been around a little while, you know I tend to buy ridiculous things. Pieces that are super bright, loud, a little weird, or borderline stupid. Not all the time– just a little crazy to mix it up. It boils down to a challenge for me: can I style this {insert name of ridiculous piece of clothing} without looking like a complete disaster? I don’t always win, but sometimes…...more