L'Oreal Revitalift Miracle Cream: is it a miracle?

Is there such as thing as a miracle when it comes to skincare? Read my product review on L'Oreal's Miracle Blur Skin Smoother and decide what you think...more

April 2013 Beauty Revolutions

So it's that time of the month again when we all reflect on the good and bad of the previous. Fortunately, I can say that I have done pretty well will my revolution through March. My goal for the month was to moisturize my whole body (not just my face) more because we all need it giiiirl....more

Biore Acne Clearing Scrub Review

According to the Biore company, this cleanser is “complexion clearing and targets deep down dirt and oil that can cause blemishes without damaging skin’s moisture barrier." From their website: (URL Below)This mandarin mint scented scrub with skin-purifying technology not only treats blemishes, over time it prevents new ones from forming by clearing away impurities. The result is clearer, healthier skin – fast. And its gentle enough to use every day. ...more

Beauty review - gel eye liner

Jennifer ~ Haute Weekly ...more

Did Target Hit The Bull's-eye???

"Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk" Lipstick from Etude House

If you like makeup in cute, creative or fanciful packaging, read my review of Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk lipstick from South Korea's Etude House....more

The Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera

I have this philosophy that when it comes to my skin care, if it works then doesn’t fix it. No matter if that’s a good or bad thing, aloe vera never seems to leave my bathroom counter top. There’s never been much hype, but I’m pretty sure that is because not many understand how great the product really is. There are several benefits to using this cheap gel in our beauty routine. The specific kind that I use is from Fruit of the Earth and contains no alcohol. The key to a good aloe gel is to find one that doesn’t contain alcohol....more

Wishful Bath & Beauty's FEVERshadow in Rue's Wildflowers swatches+review - PICTURE HEAVY

**PR sample provided by company representative**I'm just going to tell you upfront. This pigment lasted 10 hours on me. And I'm in love with it. I've lost count, literally, of how many times I've incorporated it into my eye looks over the past two weeks. Heck, I wouldn't be remiss if I said I've pretty much worn in every day. This little pot of awesomeness (and other FEVERshadow pigments) have jumped to the top of my must-have list....more

China Glaze Infra-Red swatches+review

**PR sample provided by company representative**...more