2013 NYX Face Awards

Hello my wonderful readers!!   Top O' the mornin' to ye!     So I am SUPER excited to share with y'all that NYX Cosmetics has once again launched their Face Awards competition. If you don't know what that is..I'll tell you!     It is a contest for YouTube makeup artists! It is an amazing way to kick start your makeup artist career, not to mention yourself esteem! The grand prize includes $25,000 and soooo much more. P.S. My entry is linked below...   ...more
Do you know where the face awards are?more


My daughter is 17, a self proclaimed "individual", likes her basketball shorts, baggy t-shirts, and high top basketball shoes (usually lime green). The only thing she does for a beauty regiment is letting me blow dry her hair, no make-up, no curls nothing. Lime green is her favorite color from her glasses, to her clothes, to her shoes. She made the school annual just because of her daily clothes ensemble. So she decided to partake in the Distinguished Young Women Competition. The competition consisted of, self expression, interview, fitness, talent....more

Estee Lauder Lilly Pulitzer Lord & Taylor Summer Getaway Gift May 2013

Info on the Estee Lauder Lilly Pulitzer Lord & Taylor Summer Getaway Gift, May 2013...more

It's Potent! Benefit Eye Cream Review

I have been looking for a decent eye cream for years now, I just couldn’t muster up the courage to actually purchase one. Why? I really have no idea. There are so many eye creams out there, I think I just didn’t know where to start, but I knew I needed to do something. After having Little Bear, my poor eyes look just a little, err, very tired. Sometimes I feel like a raccoon. Okay, moving on....more

The Innovative Fashion Beauty Fix

Ok, I've been on the look out for bold stated lipstick. I love blue and green but finding lipstick in these colours has almost become a chore. So I'm fed up. Years ago I brought a pack of Crayola Crayons for multi-purpose use and recently brought them back out from where it was hidden to give to my son for play. So today it popped to my mind that I can use these crayons to create fabulous lipsticks. I started out with purple but will update later with other colours.Yes all sorts of colours to also mix! Wild and free :D ...more

SoBe Style…?

What’s the first thing I noticed about South Beach (or shall I say heard)?  It was the “clackers.”  Clack, clack, clack is the sound you hear from all the high heeled shoes echoing throughout the hotel lobby and on the streets.  One thing about the women in Miami – they love to clack!  There is a lot of emphasis put into their wardrobe, (I say that with a laugh) but most importantly their shoes!  They love at least 5” heels in either stiletto or wedge style (NY is no different, however we LOVE the Stiletto – and can run in them)!  They love to show their legs o...more

Nuance Salma Hayek AM/PM Anti-aging Super Eye Treatment

I'm always on the lookout for affordable, effective skincare products, and Nuance Salma Hayek AM/PM Anti-aging Super Eye Treatment fits the bill....more

I'm not 26 and neither is my hair...

 Well, it's true.  I'm not 26...I'm not 30...not even 35 and I passed up 40 a couple of years ago.  Yup, that's right....I'm 42 and will hit 43 around Labor Day.  What does that all mean?  That just means my hair is 42 too and it ain't like it was when I was 26 just like my body isn't either.  ...more

Nude Nails with a Subtle Sparkle

My recent nude mani with a clear topcoat of subtle sparkles. Good for everyday and my special occasion....more

Hydroxatone Anti-aging BB Cream: My New BBCF (BB Cream Forever)

Review of Hydroxatone Anti-aging BB Cream, the multi-benefit, multi-tasking BB cream that may have ended my BB quest....more