Silent Drama Cosmetics Spring Collection and Discount Code!

Those of you that know me know that I LOVE a good lip color. Silent Drama has been the ONLY cosmetic line that I have fallen in love with literally every lip color. Trust me when I say that I own almost every single one they sell! I am excited to show you the Spring Collection. So perfect for the everyday outfit, for going out with your girlfriends or a date night (hey hey hey!) You can find all of these lip colors at www. Keep reading for a discount code to stock up!...more

A Few of my Favorite Things

I didn't start wearing makeup until my late twenties and now that I do, my collections has grown a bit.  It's fun being able to use different products to produce subtle or drastic changes to your skin. I love the skin underneath it all, however I like the refreshed look I get from cosmetics.  The cosmetics industry is big these days and since I enjoy wearing it, I also enjoy reading about and watching videos too.  It would only be right if I shared my main staples.  Below are some of the things I'm wearing now:...more

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Mightiest Maraschino

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Tarte CC Matte Be Mattenificent Palette: Spring-y Shadow Blush Shades

I'm on a matte shadow jag, and the beautiful matte palette from Tarte really got my attention....more