Best Self-Tanners

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Benefit's Benetint Review

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Details/Photos from Estee Lauder/Lilly Pulitzer Summer Getaway Gift May 2013 at Lord & Taylor and Dillards

Just got my Estee Lauder Lilly Pulitzer Summer Getaway Gift, and the adorable tote bag even better and more useful in person than in the photos! ...more

DIY Lemon Hair Gel

Lemon Cream Body Butter

My good habit of using my pumice stone everyday to maintain soft feet, disappeared somewhere over the course of the winter. Well…., it’s spring and I just got my sandals out so it’s time to take action. The pumice stone is once again in use, and Lemon Cream Body Butter is fixing all my winter skin blues....more

Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel: Manicure Savior?

Tired of nail polish chipping after the 3rd day?  Review of Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel...more

essence Coverstick Concealer: Budget Friendly Coverup

Review of budget-friendly, essence Coverstick Concealer....more

Facial Oil Cleansing Method

DIY Baking Soda Exfoliation

Nature's Way to Healthy Skin

Some people are blessed with perfect skin their entire lives. I sailed through the teenage years with minimal skin blemishes (wait, wait, before you slug me!) but when I got to my 30′s my face seemed to go completely insane. Fortunately, there are a  number of great healthy foods to help your skin looking its best. If you really want to give it a boost, there are products on the market containing the same active ingredients – so why not try the one-two punch for gorgeous skin?...more