Dealing With Dry Skin

 Treatment For Dry, Itchy Skin No doubt about it fall is here and so is dry, flaky, itchy skin. If you are slathering on lots of lotion without exfoliating your skin first you are wasting product this way....more

Lady Boss Cosmetics Review – Post #1 of 6

For like the very first time, I am going to be sharing a beauty review with everyone today and I hope and pray that I do not totally bomb... Seeing as this is not something I am all too familiar with - I decided to Google how to actually construct a beneficial and somewhat successful beauty product review and came across Chyaz Samuel's blog that kind of breaks down what pointers should be included in a post of this kind....more
I haven't received my Products yet. But I wanted to get on here and give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to ...more

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis: Limited Edition Hunger Games Catching Fire Collection

Everyone keeps telling me I should read the Hunger Games books. Unfortunately, dystopian novels have never been my thing. So I passed on the books and the movies. But that doesn't mean I passed on CoverGirl's new limited edition Hunger Games Catching Fire makeup collection....more

L'Oreal Waterproof Telescopic Precision Liquid Eyeliner

I'm still a liquid eyeliner novice. I found a felt tip eyeliner that I thought was easier to use than an eyeliner brush because it had less give. Unfortunately, the felt tip was from a European limited edition so I'm out of luck replacing it. I went shopping for a new felt tip eyeliner from an American brand. L'Oreal has two different felt tips: Telescopic Precision and Lineur Intense....more

Authentic Skin Remedies: Natural and Organic Skincare

I am often concerned about some of the ingredients in skincare (and makeup) products, so I was very happy to have an opportunity to try facial skincare samples from Authentic Skin Remedies, a California-based company started by a young mother who developed a rare form of cancer at age 35. Five years later, she's doing well, and her natural and organic skincare business is growing....more

My Chemical Peel Adventure! Part Two

Peel The Imperfections Away...more

How to Wear Dark Vampy Lips

file://localhost/Users/missdiamond_02/Desktop/The%20Resized%20Files/IMG_0676.jpgfile://localhost/Users/missdiamond_02/Desktop/The%20Resized%20Files/IMG_0661.jpgI am absolutely LOVING vampy lips this season and have been fearlessly rocking the crap out of them. I just wanted to share with you my FAV vampy lippies and my tips on rockin a flawless lip. ...more
Every woman should vamp it up once in awhile! ;)more

Why YOU Should Be Using Retin A

Retin A (aka Trentinoin) is my first love as when it comes to an anti-aging weapon. I have been using this product for 20 years, when a dermatologist first intruduced it to me (Thank you Dr. Coynik!). ...more

My Chemical Peel Adventure! Part One

One of the perks of being a licensed esthetician is having many anti-aging modalities at your finger tips. Once a year for the past 6 years I have performed a medium depth peel on myself....more

Currently Lovin'

Happy Thursday, friends! Hope your week is going great! I'm still in shock that it's already November, I swear once you have kids time flies even faster. Speaking of things that fly fast, did I ever mention that I went to Space Camp in 5th grade? True story, there's video evidence. Currently Lovin'...more