How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller: Lip Tricks with a White Pencil

Easy, quick tip to make your lips look fuller with white eyeliner pencil...more

Snap!! I just shattered my blush.

We've all been there, one day we are in a rush, we are doing a million things and BHAM! We drop our prized blush. What can we do now?We have seen the videos on YT explaining how to fix our broken make up but let me give you a step by step.Before we begin let me tell you that it will never look the same, there's a good chance that it will look darker in the pan but it should be the same on your skin. Said this, lets begin!You will need:- Rubbin Alcohol, 70%- A small spoon and bowl- Round cotton pads- Parchment paper...more

Budget Friendly Gift Idea

Girly Gift Idea

I love to buy presents for my friends and loved ones. I honestly get a little thrill out of thinking about what they'd like to receive and really try to put a good amount of thought into it. I recently went to a bachelorette party for, my now sister, Kendall. Because I was going into this as the older sis and because I'm probably more naive and immature in the whole realm of sexy bachelorette party gifts, I decided to go the bath and beauty route and found lots of little goodies that would make Kendall feel loved and pampered. ...more

Finally I'm Reviewing an Estee Lauder Product: Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Age-Reversing Line/Wrinkle Creme SPF 15

For months, I've been posting notices of Estee Lauder gift with purchase promotions, but somehow I have never posted a review of any of the products. Well, here's my first Estee Lauder review: Advanced Time Zone Age-Reversing Line/Wrinkle Creme SPF 15....more

Jenu active- youth skincare system. An honest review.

Allright, so I'm 32 and I do worry about wrinkles. I don't think it's too early to take care of my skin, in fact I have tried many many skincare treatments in the past 4 years.By now you are probably aware of my issue, I have "panda" eyes, I wear glasses and because I squint I have very fine lines under my eye balls. I have tried many creams both from the drugstore and the dept. store without much success. I used to love the L'Oreal roller ball but now I find that my needs have changed, I need something with a little more substance to it....more
thanks for your jenu review.  Have you tried the new jenu?  they say it works with everything ...more

Beautiful Fall Makeup Looks You Can Pull Off

Now that summer is over and fall is finally here, you can dip your talents right into your fall makeup looks!  Do you know exactly what is in for fall 2013 though? Girlfriends, the times have changed and there are tons of different trends that are so beautiful and that you can easily duplicate and pull off!  So ladies, you ready to dive right into the beautiful fall makeup trends that are happening right now and what looks you can create?  Take a look below! ...more

September's Ipsy bag, can we say: FAIL?!

Today I received my September subscription of Ipsy, its bright pink envelope benocking me. For those not familiar with Ipsy, let me give you the cliff notes: Ipsy is a "personalized" beauty subscription. Every month you are supposed to receive 5 beauty items, worth at least $10.00 (the price of the service) and a small zippered bag. This service was first offered by Michelle Phan, yes the one and the same from Em cosmetics and it features around 5 or 6 YT gurus selecting it products of the moment. This makes you believe that the bags will be good and interesting....more
neversaydiebeauty I'm glad to hear you are happy with your bag, mine seems to be getting ...more

Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub: Like a Day at an Italian Spa

Review of Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub, a scrub with a fresh, clean scent formulated with thermal water and volcanic stone minerals, that leaves skin smooth, rejuvenated and lightly moisturized. ...more

Why My Red Lipstick Challenge Failed

After applying my True Red #314 L’Oreal lipstick for my cousin’s wine and cheese on Saturday, I felt fabulous, confident, and empowered. (I even tweeted from the event!) It was like wearing the indestructible Wonder Woman Bracelets of Victory, minus the enemy shielding powers.  (continue reading)...more