It's Getting a Little Steamy (Loving You series)

I shared some tips on managing stress on my website blog not too long ago.  Since it is February and Love is in the air, thanks to Valentine's and Hearth Health month, I wanted to begin a series of "Loving You". I will be sharing ways to pamper yourself, because honestly we all could use a little "Me Time", right?...more

How to Curl Hair ~ Video Tutorial


Deborah Lippmann Let It Bleed+heart nail art

Non-traditional Valentine's Day post here - not really feeling much like celebrating this year. It's just Thursday around here :) So I bring you a a re-swatch of Deborah Lippmann's Let It Bleed, part of the Forsaken collection inspired by the TV show True Blood. This polish was sold into a lip-nail duo with a lipstick called Bite Me. My original post about them is here....more

BIG BODY LOVE CAMPAIGN - Fall in Love with yourself this Valentine's Day

This year I've decided to do something a little different for Valentine's Day. As a single plus size women I thought I'd share the Big Curvy Love with you and create an online platform to FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF this VALENTINE'S DAY.Even if you have a partner or are married, you can celebrate your body and take part in the BIG BODY LOVE CAMPAIGN. I've even posted my full body head-to-toe shot! I'm fat, I'm size 22 and i'm damn sexy!...more

Revlon Photoready BB Cream Product Review

A product review of Revlon Photoready BB Cream.  Find out if it's right for you....more

Rockin' Style and the Menaces!

Hello, my lovelies! Sorry that it took so long for me to update! Thanks to a horrible sinus infection, I was out of commission last week. :-(Well, I'm here now! Let's see what can I talk about... hmmm...Before I got sick, I went to the flea market. I absolutely love the flea market! I mean, what's not to love?! Anyway, I REALLY did like my outfit that day (And I rarely like the way I look... I'm always super harsh on myself! *shrug*)...more

Foundation Makeup: Friend or Foe?

Should you wear foundation makeup?  Find out the skin benefits of foundation, and get an overview of today's types of foundation makeup....more

BB Cream Foundation Routine