Nail Art- Red Florals

Hi guys,Coming with my new nail art Floral on nails.....along with a tutorial for you. I'm starting with a floral design, it's super easy just follow the steps, i encourage everyone to do try this one !! For more designs visit:

Nail Art

RED AND YELLOW FLOWERS The effect the beauty of flower has either its on a vase or in gardens. So why not flowers on your nails with bright and attractive yellow color with green leaves and red background.This is very simple nail art, i used red base and used a zero size brush to draw yellow and green leaves on it. For more pictures, product info, and details, please check out my blog: ...more

At-Home Hair Color Gets Closer to Salon? offers customized hair color for at-home use by asking questions upfront. Can it give you salon-style color at home?...more

Bemoaning of an adict..Maybe it should be an adict diaries..

I’m puzzled, I really am. I’m sitting in the middle of what I like to call Armageddon, I’ve been trying my hardest to curb my make-up addiction and organize my mess; in these past two years I went through countless items, giving away a good 50% of it and it still is not enough....more
Have you ever had a "bird" moment? Must have the shiny object you are looking at?more

Maybe Natural hair ISN'T for everybody...

Now, first breathe...breathe and calm your worried nerves about what I just said.  I know many in the Natural hair community hate that know the one,...more

Estee Lauder Mad Men See-Thru Blush 2013: My Answer for Mad Men Withdrawal

I've got Mad Men withdrawal, and the beautiful, collectible Estee Lauder Mad Men compact with translucent pink blush may help me make it till season 7...more

Make-Challenge.. still going!!

As I wrote a couple of days ago, I’m working with a set number of make-up items. I have exchanged the CG lash blast for the Essence Extreme ($3.99 at Ulta) for the simple reason that it burnt my eyes, other than that I haven’t added anything.So far I have achieved three make up looks, granted they are very similar but I wasn’t expecting a huge variety given the chosen colors. If you click on the link and look at the pictures you will notice how you can subtly change your look by either changing the placement of the shadows or the order in which you apply the items....more

What did I get in my ipsy Beach Beauty Bag July 2013 for 10 bucks?

Check out my post and Instagram video to see what I got in the July 2013 ispy Beach Beauty bag....more


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Summer Trend: Hot Pink Lipstick

One of my absolute favorite summer trends is hot pink lipstick. I simply cannot get enough of it! I have found the perfect shade in MAC's "Girl About Town" ($15)  and Maybelline's "Fifth Avenue Fuchsia" ($7.49).Continue to to see my other favorite lipsticks and the celebrities already wearing out this trend!...more