MOTD using all drugstore products!

Hi guys!...more

Spring Beauty Buys

Since attending the spring fashion event at Kate Spade, I've been in a shopping mood. We've been in the Spring season for a while, but the weather is beginning to get nicer now. In addition to a planned "girls out" birthday weekend, I made some beauty buys for the occasion....more

Romp 'Em.

I'm super predictable when it comes to Saturday night outfit choices: is it striped?...more


HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW?!I think most of us could claim by now to be close to if not already experts in this area. BUT...I was quite surprised myself on some things I didn't know about face washes- like what they put in them for example or what ingredients and types of face washes are actually best for my skin!...more

Simple Human Review!

Recently The Container Store had a sale going on that I just had to jump on. Been eyeing the Simple Human 5x Magnification Sensor Lighted Mirror and well, it was discounted so I took it as my cue to plunge! It is the one CoffeeBreakwithDani uses in case you ever tune into YouTube. I waited patiently (okay truthfully not so patiently as I sulked day after day when the mailman drove about his business without stopping to drop off a box) But alas-- it arrived and I quickly unboxed it!...more

Target Talk

Your hot tip of the day is Target marks down beauty items on Fridays so head there ASAP so you get first dibs at the deep discounts! Speaking of Target… I have started taking the new Olly Beauty Vitamins they recently started carrying. They are gummy and taste like grapefruit. Yum yum for biotin for healthy skin, hair and nails! ...more