Considering The Alternative

"If you think aging is bad, consider the alternative. - Every older volunteer with whom I've ever worked I turned forty-seven in October. I'm still in that phase where I have to stop and think before I can say my age with confidence. What surprises me is that I can say my age with confidence. Forty-seven. Forty-seven. Four decades plus seven years. Staring down fifty and not freaking out. I'm looking at the future as an opportunity, not a slow-fade." ...more

It All Adds Up

I love birthdays but hate getting older. “Just one more year too old to be a child genius [on Jeopardy],” I say every May only semi-jokingly. Simon has tried to cure me of this disorder by reminding me that each year I get older is a year I’m not dead, and darn it if he isn’t right. It’s enough to make me shut my trap on the subject until at least a month or two before my next birthday. ...more

Who I am Today

I recently realized I am closer to 31 than I am to 30. For some reason, that difference feels dramatic. Maybe because now I'm "in my thirties", as opposed to saying "Oh I just turned 30, so you know, barely a real grown up. Let's stay up until 2 a.m.!" Funny enough, I still feel like I'm 22. Or 19. Or 16. I used to wonder how moms turned into Moms - the women with baggy pants and minivans and short hair dragging a gaggle of kids behind them. Because obviously that was NEVER going to happen to me. I am young and fun and will always be young and fun no matter how many kids I have! ...more

I'm Proud To Shout I'm 32 In Celebration of Olay Turning 60

We go through many transitions in life that guide us and lead us to the people we have become in the present time. We learn things as babies that help us into childhood, from childhood we learn to become teenagers, from teenagers we learn to become young adults, and we spend the rest of our lives in adulthood gaining signs of age to show how special our life truly is. ...more

Shout out your age with Olay!

I celebrated my birthday last month. I am now 35. THIRTY FIVE!!! This new year has me resetting my goals and dreams...and I am so very grateful.You see, 34 was the year that I reached many (if not most) of my life long dreams. Everything in my past set the stage for one year that hit me like a whirlwind of excitement, changes and accomplishments. I am not the only one reaching a milestone this year! Olay is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Just like always, Olay empowers women to challenge what’s possible and to be proud of their age. Olay is asking us to SHOUT OUT our age. ...more

Age is Just a Number

One thing I truly feel like I've noticed in the past probably five years is that when I do hear a woman's age, the majority of the time I feel like she looks and/or acts younger. Now, this could be because I'm getting older, but I don't think women give themselves enough credit for being beautiful on the inside and out.If you feel confident, it typically shows. There is nothing wrong with that. I think people with confidence carry themselves differently. ...more

In which my daughter interviews me about beauty and beauty mishaps with a $50 Visa giftcard giveaway

Mouse: "Mom, at camp they talked about true beauty. They said we should want people to like us for who we are and not for what we look like and that beauty isn't about make-up. They even covered up all the mirrors for a day to show how many times we looked in a mirror to see our appearance. Why don't you wear make-up?"Me: "Well, that's a sort of difficult question. Part of it is what you're talking about. I don't believe we need to hide that we're aging....more

Summer Beauty: A Mother-Daughter Interview

Venus asked a few bloggers to do a follow-up to last month's review/giveaway posts -- but this time the daughters get to interview their moms about summer beauty do's and don'ts. I wrangled Kathryn into helping me with this since she was the main focus of my review/giveaway post. She's the questioner and I'm the answerer.Q: What's the most important beauty tip you'd give me for summertime?A: I'll quote your great-granmama on this one. People often complimented her beautiful skin, even when she was getting older....more

Beauty and Tweens

Beauty and tweens.  These two words seem to go together.  I’m not sure exactly when it started, but start it did.  The moment I noticed my daughter was shaving her legs.  Without telling me, that is.  “But Mom, there was so much hair on them!...more

My baby girl is growing up so quickly!

My baby girl is growing up so quickly!  I thought we'd try something a little different and fun, so I decided to do a vlog with Kamryn.  We discuss our summer beauty do's and don'ts!  Enjoy the video!!...more