Chatting Sun and Shaving with My Own Tween Queen

Who doesn’t remember their first beach crush? Or their first serious sunburn? Sometimes talking to a tween daughter makes a mother wonder how she is going to keep up – but the folks at Gillette have designed the Venus Embrace, with five blades and a soft grip handle for maximum but gentle control. It makes getting the conversation started with your tween about shaving as smooth as summertime legs....more

Venus Makes You Feel Like Goodess

So, my daughter is interviewing me today about my Summer Beauty Tips! Princess Nagger:  “I bet you’re regretting bringing those cheap disposable razors on vacation, aren’t you?”Me:  “I sure am – how did you figure that out?”PN:  “Well, for one thing, you’ve got scrapes and scratches all over your legs.  Looks like the cat attacked you.”Me:  “Like you like to say: ‘I know, right?’”PN:  “Hey! That’s my line!”Me:  “I gave you credit.”PN:  “OK then....more

Summer Do's and Don'ts: An Interview of Me by My Daughter

Summer "Do's and Don'ts," an interview of me by my daughter. Mom the weather is getting hotter. What beauty tips do you have for summer? First off, I try to stay moisturized. I use a facial moisturizer with SPF every day and slather my legs and arms with lotion. You know I spend a lot of time outside so sunscreen is a must. Nothing worse than wearing shorts and your legs look dry and scaly. Keep them moisturized. Oh, and shave every day. Hairy legs are not pretty and no one wants to see that....more

Adventures in Real Parenting: What Not To Shave

As the youngest of three, my daughter Sophie has a few advantages. Her father and I, who have been at this parenting thing for over twenty-two years, are tired. Worn down from enforcing rules and shouldering high expectations, we've relaxed. We're less uptight about details, less inclined to over-program or hover like we did when we were new to this adventure. In other words, well, in the words of Sophie's two older siblings, we've given up. Sophie, in their opinion, gets away with murder. It's not exactly murder....more

Marinka’s Summer Do’s and Don’ts

Marinka’s Summer Do’s and Don’tsMarinka, as interviewed by her almost-14 year old daughter.Daughter: Wait, what am I supposed to ask you again?Marinka: Tips for summer beauty.Daughter: Okaaaaay.  If you say so.Marinka: Come on, I have lots of great tips.Daughter: Fine.  What are your “great tips”?Marinka: Well, first of all, sunscreen is a must. A must. And there’s no need for quote marks.Daughter:  Got it....more

Don'ts Learned From Mom

I've been blogging about the kids for quite a number of years now, and while I talk all about them and the fun things they do, I've never allowed them to have input on my blog. It's my blog, after all. But I think it's high time I remedy that. In an unprecedented turn of events, I'm allowing my daughter to interview me. I promise to answer (most) questions (semi) honestly. Heh. You could be in for a fun ride, people. The mind of a tween-ish girl can go just about anywhere. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride....more

Sharing Summer Beauty Secrets & Mishaps

My girls have been interested in fashion since they were toddlers with very clear ideas about what they did and did not want to wear. Now that they are 10 and 12, it's not only about clothes, but about make-up, skincare, deodorant and shaving. Allie is going to help me write this post today. Her writing will be in pink, while mine will be in gray. I really want to wear make-up, but my mom has said that I have to get really good at remembering to wash my face in the morning and evening so that I don't break-out with pimples.  I asked my mom if she wears make-up in the summer....more

Summer Beauty Do's And Don'ts -- A Vlog + Giveaway

As a follow-up to my How Not to Shave Your Legs Post AKA Zakary Needs a Transfusion post, Venus asked me to share my summertime beauty tips.I have a very low-key beauty routine in the summer.  Mostly it includes pedicures every month, drinking a gallon of water every day, and complaining to my husband that we need to install AC because it is 90 degrees upstairs in the house at two in the afternoon and my tinted moisturizer keeps sweating off. As a woman in my mid-thirties, I need the tinted moisturizer....more

Summer Silliness in Florida

Summertime is usually a very fun time in Florida.  It's so HOT that, to beat the heat, we usually spend any free time in the water, be it the beach, springs, or rivers. This summer has been a little less fun than normal, because we haven't been able to do all of the fun things we like to do, due to work, schedules, storms, and just general CRAP.  But it's still important to keep up with our beauty routine, because even just running to the store, we may not wear a bikini (you're WELCOME!) but we do wear flip flops, shorts, and tank tops. Oh, how I need a tan!...more

Girls Rule! And a $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

First things first: Thank you everyone who has participated and commented on my Teenage Firsts post! I have absolutely loved reading your comments,and love all of the tips and tricks you have shared on how to talk with your teenager. I still can't even believe I have a teenager, let alone one to teach important things about womanhood!...more