Last night dinner was delicious and my husband made it, the man could follow a recipe and I love that about him!I had no idea about what to make for dinner, so we went back and forth texting each other's on what to make for dinner! We kept on telling each other what you think we should make for dinner. He would response what do you feel like making? If I knew I would not ask you, I responded…At the end, I said surprise me! Therefore, he did, he made Pot Roast following one of my recipes to the last ingredient....more

Israeli Couscous

My mom is one of the best cooks I ever known, her food came from the heart. she have so much love for food that you could taste it every time you would eat her food... Israeli couscous was and still is one of my favorite dishes she made growing up. She always made it with chicken and Lamb stews.I was asked to post the recipe by friends and family, so here it is! And the name is so appropriate Israeli I was born there get it? hehehehehe ok ok here is the recipe!...more

Cornbread Muffins

 Sunday is a fun day for me in the kitchen, it’s my day to be creative and come up with a new spin on old recipes…changing some of the ingredient and the method of preparing the dish and testing your self’s confidence that you will produce delouses and unique dish its just so satisfying!...more

Turkey Corn Tortilla Soup

This soup is one of the dishes I came up with leftover turkey after thanksgiving day, my favorite holiday of the year! I  don't normally end up with a lot of turkey leftover on thanksgiving, my turkey is irresistible (pat my self on the back) hahahaha...But you don't have to wait for thanksgiving to make this dish, roasted store bought turkey breast is available all year round and all you have to do is chop it to bite size.3 stalks of Celery chopped1 large Onion chopped1 large green Bell Pepper chopped...more

10 Most Popular Recipes Of 2015 On Gabitza’s Green Kitchen

This is a compilation of your favorite recipes of mine for 2015. I almost didn’t pull together a list  of best recipes from 2015 because I wasn’t really sure if you will like this list,  but I had so much fun to see what you have loved, that I decided to go for it!...more

Sarah Michelle Gellar to Keynote #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us

I'm so excited to welcome Sarah Michelle Gellar back to the BlogHer stage, this time as a keynote for #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us....more
How exciting! I'm brand new to the BlogHer community and signed up for the conference a couple ...more

You Need Recipient Buy In

In my line of work, one of my biggest perks is that I get to converse with all types of people each week that are in the midst of starting their own non-profit or social impact business. It’s like being at a buffet and being able to choose from all sorts of international cuisine. Social Impact and/or a Benefit Corporation is a relatively new(ish) idea catching on. There are a lot of names that these hybrids are being called right now....more

Blog Bling is Here! Grab Your Badge for #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us

BlogHer16: Experts Among Us is coming to LA this August, and we're excited because it's shaping up to be our best conference yet with so many surprises still to come....more

White Night Salad

White Night Salad, with fried mushrooms and cooked egg yolks. It also taste delicious  and is good looking on you dinner table.Ingredients For The Salad:...more