BlogHer 2008: Accessibility of Westin St. Francis

For over a year now, I have been traveling and going to professional conferences as a person with a disability, a wheelchair and crutches user. Abilities and disabilities vary wildly. My own issues are most often bathrooms, distances, exhaustion, and stairs. I am less aware of issues and solutions for people with visual impairments and for the deaf or hearing impaired community; I apologize for not addressing those issues here. If you have mobility issues and wonder about the accessible geography of the conference, I have a ton of information! ...more

 I'd like to follow up with my actual experience of accessibility of the hotel.

 First ...more

A Letter to my Body

Dear body, I know it’s not your fault, what happened this weekend. Not entirely, anyway. But still. It’s hard for me. It’s hard not to be angry with you. It’s hard not to feel betrayed. It’s hard not to rage against you for getting rid of what I so desperately wanted. ...more

Thanks, MsLady. That's very kind of you.



Calling All Artists: Let's Talk about Swap Meet Magic for BlogHer '08

Maybe you were there the summer of 2006 in San Jose, chatting up t-shirts with Mrs. Kennedy, trying on SuperHero necklaces with Andrea, wondering where you could get the oh-so-brand new design from Baby Brewing. Well, I was there, sisters, and I want that Swap Meet back. How about you? ...more

I love the idea of seeing what women create and sell. I'll be a seller - and I'll end up ...more

BlogHer Business '08 Podcasts

The BlogHer Business '08 podcasts are here! Thanks to our friends at ListenShare, we are now able to offer you complete podcasts of BlogHer Business '08 sessions. Click here to access the podcasts. The podcasts are also available in iTunes (you will need to have iTunes on your computer in order for this link to work): ...more

President Uses High Gas Prices to Bushwhack Arctic Refuge

President Uses High Gas Prices to Bushwhack Arctic Refuge Gas prices are sending everyone into a state of hysteria. But the fact that the cost of gasoline is skyrocketing should come as no surprise to anyone: the planet has a limited amount of petroleum, and people have been using it up as fast as it gets sucked out of the ground, processed in a refinery, and trucked to the nearest pump. That prices are finally approaching $4.00 a gallon is actually a welcome development from an environmental point of view. ...more

more pull on the government than the rest of the people.

currently there is no reason ...more

Israelis Put Family First

I am invited to go clubbing in Tel Aviv by two Israeli women in their mid-thirties. They tell me they’re not ‘heading out’ until 11 pm or so. Before then, one has an errand to run and a friend to see, another who is a blogger, has work to do and then may grab drinks with friends before we meet at the club. ...more

Renee Blodgett: Down The ...more

Earth Day Wish List

Earth Day Wish List With climate change on the upswing and even dogs needing to worry about exposure to toxic chemicals, I’ve come up with five things I’d ask Mother Nature for if I believed wishes really came true. ...more

Fitness For Kids at JW Tumbles

Have you heard of JW Tumbles? ...more

The BlogHer '08 schedule is coming together...check it out

Bit by bit, session by session, the BlogHer '08 Conference Agenda is being revealed. Check out the link, and make sure to scroll or click your way down to see the detailed descriptions, not just the session titles. There are now five tracks: Who We Are What We Do What We Believe How We Communicate Who We Are, What We Do and What We Believe (aka the tech track) And (drum roll please) we decided to add a MommyBlogging track! ...more

I'm a little late to the game on this thread but I TOTALLY second any sessions dealing with ...more

BlogHer '08 Session Planning: What do you want from a Photography session?

In the first of what will probably be numerous such posts, I am here to ask you what you want. We've lined up a fantabulous photography mentor for a session in BlogHer '08's How We Communicate track, and we want to know how you want her to focus the 75 minutes she will have for her session. Meet Ma Ra Koh. This is a rare case where her About page tells you a really compelling story. As she says: I didn’t find photography. Photography found me. And then it healed me. ...more

Wow - these are all great topics!  I am really looking forward to this session!  I vote for ...more