#McDBlogHer Closing Party: I'm Loving it!

BlogHer14 McDbloger Closing Party : What an Gogurt Happy Meal Adventure I had! #McDBlogHer Closing Party....What a great way to end an amazing Weekend! ...more

You Look So Marvelous in the Official Photos from BlogHer '14!

Seriously. You looked amazing at BlogHer '14. Know how I know? I mean, other than the fact that I saw you there, doing your thing, owning your words, and being generally awesome? Well, the official pictures from Danielle Tsi Photography are in, and goodness, she captured our best sides. As she always does. ...more

Arianna Huffington on Burnout and How to 'Thrive'

BlogHer '14 keynote speaker Arianna Huffington knows first-hand what burnout is like—and how important it is to take care of yourself to avoid getting to that place. Watch as she talks about the point in her life that made her slow down and take better care of herself: ...more
Such an inspiring woman . Thanks for sharing this wonderful insight :)more

Is "Pretty" A Privilege? Thoughts from #BlogHer14

Being “pretty,” which I define as fitting society’s definition of physical attractiveness, is an odd thing. Writing about it feels even odder, particularly since I don’t feel more attractive than others. For many years, I felt ugly and awkward. I still occasionally feel that way....more
I have often thought that conventionally beautiful young people need to be given lessons in how ...more

The Recap of BlogHer '14 Recaps: You Write, We Listen, Everyone Learns

You know what bloggers do after a conference? They blog about that conference. We've been reading all of your recaps; laughing with you, crying with you, engaging in very important conversations, learning from you, getting shoe crushes with you. We chose ten little bits of wisdom—funny or poignant or somewhere in between—to share with you today. ...more
This was my first blogger conference! I so enjoyed reading all the different stories that were ...more

BlogHer 14- Inspiration

Two years ago, I was at my 20th high school reunion telling people that I was a blogger.  "Wow, there was just a huge conference  last week back in New York," said a friend's husband who lived in New York City.  "Were you there? I mean, my god there were bloggers everywhere!""Oh no, not me, I'm so small," I said sheepishly.  "That conference is BlogHer, it's huge. I don't know what I'd do there."Then I carried on with reunion-ing.  I laughed and drank wine and danced and celebrated....more

Reentry in the raw: home from BlogHer '14

In addition to BlogHer conference recaps, one of the most popular memes flooding Facebook and Twitter is the experience of reentry. Or, readjusting to normal life as it is beyond the inspired confines of 2,000 women giving themselves time to connect -with self and others- and focus and learn.The fact that this is such a common thread is, I believe, indicative of three important things worth consideration:...more

BlogHer '14 Recap: The Post is in the Comments!

Several of you have mentioned that you were looking forward to hearing about my time at BlogHer '14, and I desperately want to write a recap or two (or five), but honestly? For whatever reason I'm having a really tough time pinning down (and then shaping into something shareable) any of the myriad thoughts and inspirations and musings that have been floating around in my head ever since I first set foot in San Jose last week. ...more

10 Unconventional Take-Aways from #BlogHer14

Yes, I’m home.  Along with 1800+ women (and a few men) that are going through the process of re-entry (#ReEntrySucks) in to their every day lives.  For me, I’m struggling.  Struggling to write something profound and heartfelt regarding my experience at #BlogHer14.  All I have left in me is silliness.  What heartfelt thoughts I did have made it in to my post for Chicago Parent that you can read HERE.  And since I wrote the ...more

What Happens when a NORMAL BLOGGER Goes to #BlogHer14

      While many bloggers love the anonymity of living behind a computer, personally, I love being around people. ...more
LindaCSmith Yay for normal bloggers!  :)  It's so nice to know that there are so many of us out ...more