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Better side & Enedgy - day 4

Day 4 Post HERE ...more

Day 3

Feelings ...more

Day 2

Passion :) ...more

Day 1

You (that's me of course :) )...more

Catch me from my good side. Pick one.*

Today's prompt: Do you think one side of your face photographs better than another? Photo: Your Energy The front of my face, I guess! I'm often told I'm quite photogenic. ...more

Because I'm happy...

These days I'm generally a pretty happy person. I wasn't always, but my life has changed dramatically in the last eight or so years. I made major changes location and relationship-wise, started working a job in an industry I love, and over the past two years, my writing has really taken off and I might actually reach my ultimate life goal in the next few years--to make writing my career. Based on that, here's a few happy pictures from my life: ...more

What would you do...

I've asked this question many, many times, but it never gets old to me:Today's Write Your Life writing prompt is a biggie:What would you do, if you weren't afraid? Here are a few of my thoughts on this question from my journal:...more

All the feels

 Anger. Irritation. Sadness. Engagement. Chagrin. Satisfaction. Pride. Possibility.As a researcher, I'm interested in how emotion influences communication. When I'm angry, how do I communicate differently than when I'm sad? Or happy? Or bored? Or smug? In turn, how do I respond to others who are mad/sad/surprised, etc?...more

Helping things grow

 Sometimes, it's literal--cultivating veggies and flowers. Often, it's educational--helping students learn and expand their thinking. Frequently, it's personal--generating ideas and new skills....more