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Can We Love Another Completely?

“We can love completely—even without complete understanding…” Remembering last year… One of my daughters Shattered , Pieces flew everywhere Slapping everyone in the face Shocking Freezing Thwarting all attempts to love her. We were all in agony Our fierce love was as ineffective as  a noodle arrow which could not pierce through  to her heart....more

Organ Donation Part 2: Talk to your family!

After reading the comments on the post I shared yesterday (World Organ Donation Day: Are you registered as an organ donor? ...more

Scrips and scraps scattered about

Just to remind everyone that this month I am blogging about Memory and more importantly Mnemonics.I am suffering from "my brain is a sieve" syndrome. I need memory triggers for everything lately. It is so frustrating!...more

World Organ Donation Day: Are you registered as an organ donor? Are you SURE?

This past week, in recognition of World Organ Donation Day, my friends at Write Tribe held a blog carnival where bloggers were encouraged to write and share their own posts related to organ donation. ...more

Help: I’ve got 5 Older Sisters

When you live with five older sisters you might as well have six mothers. The school bus was not scheduled to pull up for another twenty minutes....more

My career goals...snort, chortle, cry

   First I said, "hell no"! I am not writing about career goals. But then I decided that my career as a mom needs goals as well as any corporate career so why not give my 2 cents?...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 16

Well, this week I hit the 500 posts milestone on Ten Thousand Tangles. ...more

Need a Smile?

You will smile inspite of yourself at theses  humourous BIRD MEMES.  A BIT TOO MUCH?  GREAT CAMOUFLAUGE...more

Missing 3.

  My last post was on the 13th. I missed a few days. This life of mine....The post I wanted to do was prompted by Victor Hugo's: "Intelligence is the wife, imagination is the mistress and memory is the servant". This prompt fed into the next one which asked the question, does time heal all wounds? Then yesterday's prompt was about my readiness for Back to School. ...more

Some questions on self-image

What if you suddenly discovered that some long-held, deeply ingrained, negative belief about yourself was a complete and utter lie? What if for one moment you chose to see yourself the way others saw you, instead of through your own jaded, judgmental eyes and preconceived notions? What if every time you were prepared to automatically say I can't, you choked off those words and instead declared I'll try? How would it change your life? Please share your thoughts... ...more